#BLOGMAS Day 2 – Our Advent Calendars

Gone are the days when advent calendars were traditional card ones with pictures. Well at least they are in this household. I wanted to share with you the advent calendars we’ve got this year.

So as you can see we have gone a little crazy this year once again. I swear we tell each other that we’ll only have the chocolate ones but there’s so much temptation and choices each year. For all of the girls we bought simple Tesco Countdown To Christmas chocolate advent calendars, they literally cost less than a £1 each.

For P1 who is turning 9 years old on Christmas Eve

I wanted something a little more grown up for P1. There’s so many toy calendars but a beauty one felt more grown up. I definitely didn’t want makeup and Hubby helped researched some other beauty options. In the end we found a bath bomb advent calendar from Bomb Cosmetics. It has 24 soaps and blasters which is perfect for the lead up to Christmas and for P1 to enjoy in our new bath tub. It costs £19.99.

For P2 who is 4 years old

We are in the process of gathering a playmobil collection. P2 has a real interest in Unicorns and fairies at the moment so the playmobil Unicorn Fairyland Advent Calendarwas perfect for our four year old. There’s 24 boxes to open in the calendar. This cost under £15.

For P3 who is 3 years old

Again playmobil seemed a good fit for her. I wanted something a little more traditional to help teach her about Christmas. We went with the playmobil Christmas On The Farm for P3. It’s super cute with an actual Santa!! This one is just under £25.

For Mummy & Daddy

Ok… The Paw Patrol Advent Calendarwas on offer in a toy sale and Hubby couldn’t resist. We’ve said that we’ll say it is for the Guinea-Pig to avoid arguments between the girlies. As for the Kelloggs Variety Calendar, that was technically bought for us from my mother-in-law but what a genius idea!! Breakfast sorted in the lead up to Christmas.

How many advent calendars do you have this year? Have you stuck to traditional?

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  1. PrincessBlabbermouth

    I had a chocolate advent calendar this year. But no matter how hard I try, I always eat the whole thing too early!

  2. I love the idea of the cereal advent calendar!

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