#BLOGMAS Day 20 – Santa’s Grotto At Coolings Nature Trail

I didn’t think that my little family had many traditions. Things that we do each year especially around Christmas time. But it turns out that we do have some. One of those is the Santa’s grotto at the Green & Pleasant Nature Trail near our home.

It’s actually my mother in law who books this grotto for the girls. It’s a little treat she’s done since we moved to Kent and I’m very grateful for it. In the previous years it’s been the simple grotto, you arrive and you do some colouring whilst you wait and then you see Santa himself. It’s always been really lovely and Santa has so much time for the children. But this year it had changed and I was so shocked that I’ve felt obliged to write about it.

This year’s Santa experience was exactly that. An experience. It wasn’t just a meet and greet with Santa, it was a journey much like competitors we are passionate about back in Essex. But what makes this more amazing is the affordability of it, the fact that you don’t have to pay for adults which can be such a put off.

We was greeted by two friendly elves. They were bubbly, chatting away and making friends with the children. Once it was our turn they issued Passports for us to head to the North Pole. These had little questions to answer on your way through. Already a much more entertaining experience.

As part of the experience you walk through different areas. Each one beautifully decorated from top to bottom in festive winter wonderland. Igniting imaginations and bringing Christmas to life. Each section had an enthusiastic elf to guide us through or get us involved in completing tasks. The girls and my brother in law were all thoroughly captivated.

As I said early, Santa always has so much time and effort at this grotto. The little hut was beautifully decorated and cosy. I love how the girls chatted to Santa about what they wanted or in P2s case the fact she still doesn’t really know.

We honestly had such a great experience. They’ve put so much effort into all of it this year and seeing my own girls with their lit up smiles proves their efforts have been successful. I can’t wait to go back to the grotto next year!

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