#BLOGMAS Day 22 – Our Fake Christmas Day

Growing up I always spent Christmas Day at my Mum’s house. My grandparents piled round and it was always a really chilled festive day. I’d play with my presents, we’d fill our tummies with food and just enjoy each other’s company. I have many photos of my Nan and Grandad sleeping on Christmas Day.

Since we moved to Kent four years ago we no longer spend Christmas Day with my Mum, instead we’ve had our Christmas Day’s at my mother in laws. Her Christmas Day is spectacular and she always plans fun things to keep us going the entire day. But I missed having Christmas with my Mum, it was all I’d known and so the new tradition of a fake Christmas Day arrived.

Our fake Christmas Day usually takes place as close as possible to the big day itself. This year we celebrated the weekend before. We all dressed up like we do on Christmas Day and I took the girls over to Essex for the craziness began.

Santa brings a sack each for the girls to enjoy on their fake Christmas Day. That man knows everything! Of course that’s all the girls are interested in and the manic of opening presents, wrapping paper flying everywhere and demands to open toys begins.

The girls were spoilt with presents at my Mum’s. They always are! My mum seems to know what they like so well. We then get tucked in to our starters. I couldn’t quite believe it was already midday.

There were several options; potted shrimp, tomato soup or a fruit bowl. P2 and P3 had mini fruit bowls which went down really well for them, I had tomato soup with P1 and my stepsister and then everybody else had potted shrimp.

The girls were able to get down for a short break in the food before the main Christmas dinner came out. My favourite meal is a roast dinner, I love how Christmas always means pigs in blankets and turkey. I couldn’t finish my plate full but it was so delicious.

We all needed a break before our pudding. My dress felt tight and I was struggling to move let alone breathe. It was a great opportunity for the girls to meet my Mum’s new bunny, Panda. They also made the fake snow that Santa had brought them.

We had a few choices for our pudding. Cheeses, two different Christmas puddings and mince pies. I went with a mince pie and custard. P3 decided to take little bits of all of the puddings available before settling for a plain mince pie which she barely actually ate! Typical child.

After dinner the girls had plenty of time to play with their toys, Auntie E, Nanny & Grandad and Uncle B. Great-Grandad spent a lot of the time snoozing. I felt chilled out for once, full of food and genuinely having a lovely time with my girls. It felt like the Christmas Day we used to have only watching it through my girls eyes if that makes sense.

The day zoomed by and it was time for me to leave the girls for a sleepover. We had all been absolutely spoilt rotten this year. I filmed our day which you can watch below. As you can see my Mum’s house is like a mini grotto of decorations. Do you get to experience a fake Christmas Day with your family or in laws? I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. I really like this idea – I love how the girls get to celebrate with all the family!

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