#BLOGMAS Day 24 – Letter To My Princess 1 – 9 Years

To my Princess 1,

Nine years ago you made your early appearance, became the centre of my attention, my worries and love. You transformed my life.

I’ve spent nine years stumbling along in a haze, learning how to be a parent, how to be your mum, a Mum to a special needs child. You have taught me so much about myself and I’ll forever be grateful of that.

We’ve had some difficult times in those nine years. Routines have changed which have led to testifying behaviours from the both of us. But there’s not a day go past where I don’t feel proud of you, despite some of those days also being the worst.

You are a complex character. There’s a lot going on that requires extra support both at home and at school. Some people definitely don’t understand you, even I find times where I know you’re not quite in our world that day or week.

P1 you are this fire cracker of emotions, you’re hilarious and clever. I love how when something really interests you, you make sure you know everything about it. Harry Potter, Minecraft and even our new kittens are topics you’ve gained lots of knowledge for.

We are progressing with your hyper mobility. I know that this effects you daily and that you doubt yourself a lot because of it. We are getting there slowly, you’ve just got to stay strong like I know you can. You are awesome!

You are now in the last year of single digits before you hit a whole decade of being on Earth. Seriously this scares the life out of me. You only have two and a bit more years at Primary School too, that’s horrifying.

I hope you’ve had a brilliant birthday. We’ve been to Clip n Climb like you wanted and we’ve had some family over to our house for party food. We all love you so much!

Happy birthday beautiful girl!

Love Mummy xx

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  1. Happy birthday P1 – I can’t believe you’re 9 already. Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

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