#BLOGMAS Day 5 – Our First Garden

It has been no secret of mine that I have wanted a garden for my girls to enjoy for such a long time. It feels like forever to be honest. So when we moved it was high up on my list. I never expected to be able to get such a big one though.

It was run down as you can see from the photo the day we moved in. My lovely Grandad mowed the grass for us originally and we found lots of glass, nails and other dangerous objects. It wasn’t safe for the kids to go out in and I worried about the task we had ahead of us in making it a safe haven.

Throughout our move, the garden has been a little neglected. It’s colder weather and we have no need to be out there. The grass grew, the stinging nettles at the end grew up and it looked a little worse for wear. We decided to enlist in some help and was recommended a gardener who happens to have children at the girls school. He did a great job clearing the path way, raking up the glass and debris, and mowing our lawn. 

After he left, Hubby did some investigating and found that underneath some grass was actually a beautiful patio area. It was shaped and not in bad condition either. He spent a good few hours digging off the grass that had weirdly been laid over it. I loved the shape. The following day he spent most of the day jet washing the pathway and patio area.

I love that we now have a garden that is safe for the girls to enter. We still have to keep killing off the nettles to make the end part safe, we also want to eventually level out the end part a bit more as it dips down but this will be a bigger job. We are working to grow more grass in the awful burnt patch in the centre. It’s clearly a working progress.

But I can’t wait for the warmer weather now. To plan where I would like some flower beds or plant pots. I’d love to grow some veggies or fruit at some point too. I hope to get some garden toys, a sandpit or trampoline. We have such a big space to fill and use. I know that it will totally transform our summer times! This is our first garden ever and it feels so exciting!

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  1. Hope you get the garden sorted out swiftly. It’s a really goos size. Sure you girls will love it.

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