#BLOGMAS Day 8 – Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

On a Wednesday P3 stays at home with me for a full and rather long day. It used to be P2s day off nursery but now she’s at school so there’s just one of my daughters at home to entertain. I have been really finding it hard to entertain my littlest baby. Children on their own need so much attention especially when they are used to having a play friend  for their entire life. I was extremely grateful to receive a huge box of goodies from itty bitty to keep us going for one drizzly afternoon.

It was a box themed around their new Disney Frozen itty bity collection. We adore Frozen, P3 especially as she’s actually named after one of the characters. There was an envelope with the question “Do you wanna build a snowman?” on it. P3 and I had a selection of marshmallows, a cupcake baking kit and the set of itty bitty Frozen characters which are the most adorable things.

I very rarely bake with P3 by herself and wondered how she’d enjoy it. We set up on the floor in the dining room as this felt more comfortable for us. She was so excited to get started, propping her little itty bittys in a row to watch her. I decided to let her do all of it, let her make as much mess as she wanted to because that was going to give her the best opportunity to have fun.

To make your own Snowman Cupcake this is what you have to do:

We obviously had the cupcake kit to make our actual cake. We just added 1 egg, 45ml water, 10ml vegetable oil and 10g soft butter for the icing.

You literally empty the sachets and stir all the added ingredients in. P3 loved it. We got a little bit of flour over the carpet. P3 loved using the silicone Frozen spatula the best as it’s super sturdy.

After the cupcakes baked we let them cool and made up the icing using the sachet provided. P3 did a great job spooning and smoothing icing over each cake. We then got to work on the snowman part of our cupcakes.

We cut the giant marshmallows in half and put each half on top of the icing, squidgy down gently. Then P3 got to work decorating the face. She used a tube of black icing (with a bit of help) to create the eyes and mouth, then stuck an orange tic tac for his nose.

Look how cute the snowmen cupcakes turned out! I am so thrilled I got to spend some time bonding with my baby for once, we did something we both enjoyed, made lots of mess on a rainy day and even got a delicious treat at the end of it!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Bless her – I love how excited she looks (and the Frozen inspired hairstyle!)

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