Bloods Tests For My Four Year Old

After a really bad night with P2, I was up early and down the hospital for 8:40am. I had to put P1 through having blood tests.

She used to always have blood tests when she was a baby. But the last time she had anything like this was her jabs or her MRI (I can’t remember which was last). For her MRI she was fine, didn’t even flinch when having her cannula fitted, but for her jabs she cried for ages!
I had warned her before bedtime about today. I was going to lie to her and tell her it wasn’t going to hurt, because of course it was and I needed her to trust me. I explained the ins and outs of it all, my attempt to prepare her. Her little face was horrible to see as we walked into the little cubicle. She was so nervous. So quiet. I wrapped her up close to me, holding her other hand and her shoulder.
She gazed into my eyes as the needle went in and burst into tears!!! I nearly cried, but had to stay strong for her. I feel ridiculous typing about a blood test… come on everyone has them in their lifetime right?! But I just hated seeing my little girl in pain and not being able to do anything to prevent it.
Well, they could have really, they could have given her “magic cream” that numbs the area but apparently there wasn’t enough time, so she had to endure the pain of about 5 tubes of blood being taken from her tiny arm! And I had to endure her tears and her need for it all to stop.
Needless to say, she’s been spoiled and treated today. P1 had a pancake and bacon breakfast at our local Wetherspoon pub, she then was allowed some sweeties in the sweetie shop, and then I let her buy some lipstick – she’s been wanted some lipstick for ages.
We then visited Nanny at work and there she was given lots of cuddles and some more chocolate. I am now going to have a very hyper little girl this afternoon!
So proud of my big brave girl! She’s got to go through it all again in 6 months time…

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  1. Poor thing 🙁 but what a very brave girl and such a cutie pie too x

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