Bluestone Myths & Legends

Bluestone Wales has been one of those places that the girls have begged to return to. We’ve been twice before back in 2016. I completed a full review of Bluestone when we visited in June 2016 and then we visited again for a Christmas break which was so much fun. I was really excited to be invited back again this Easter to experience their Myths & Legends Festival.

Day One

We had actually been in the Peak District for the week so we had packed up from there and travelled five hours down to Wales. It’s actually a real trek getting to Bluestone Wales from where we live in Kent and also where we were staying in the Peak District, so it made sense to create a sort of triangle for our adventures.

We arrived with perfect time for check in. The entrance area had changed since we last visited three years ago, with fancy technology to show us which lane to go to. We was also greeted by some amazing wicker animals. Check in is super simple and we was handed our resort map, door key cards, tickets for the Blue Lagoon swimming pool and the Activity Price List. We then made our way to our holiday home.

We had been booked in to stay in a Gateholm Lodge in Templars Court. This area was actually being built the last time we stayed at Bluestone so I was interested to see what it was like inside.

The Gateholm Lodges are upside down family living. As you walk in you have a hallway that leads to three bedrooms; one double, two twin rooms. The Gateholm sleeps up to six people with space for a cot too. Downstairs there is also an ensuite bathroom, and a family shower room.

Upstairs is open plan with high ceilings. It has a spacious but cosy feel. There’s a well equipped kitchen, dining area that seats six people and a lounge area. The kitchen has a highchair, plastic plates and cups, microwave, fridge freezer, oven and dishwasher. As well as the usual kettle, toaster and dining equipment.

I was actually quite shocked at the condition of the lodge. There was a few blinds broken, the freezer part of the fridge had the clip missing meaning it wouldn’t be closed, and there was parts where the paint was chipped. It generally felt a bit dirty.

I immediately phoned the customer services line who sent out a caretaker to check out the fridge and broken blinds. Within about an hour they had completely replaced the fridge freezer. I was impressed by the professionalism but also felt that it shouldn’t have even happened in the first place. Considering it was a newer property, I was a little disappointed.

After sorting the issues, we headed to pick up our golf buggy. We’d hired one for a day the first time we visited but couldn’t manage to book one the second time. I made sure we booked the golf buggy for the entire weekend this time as it makes getting around so much easier. It cost £95 for the four days hire.

The girls were so excited about having the buggy this time. A staff member showed us the ropes, explained all the rules and then we got to take it away for the weekend. Bluestone is definitely manageable without the need to hire a buggy but it’s obviously easier with one!

Our next plan was to head for the Blue Lagoon swimming pool. We’ve had mixed experiences of this pool. Our first time was so much better than the other times as they had hundreds of toys available but the Blue Lagoon operates strict ratio rules. This time we was prepared and our girls each had their float vests on.

We decided to go swimming later in the evening to avoid the major rush of people. The Blue Lagoon is open at 9am in the morning until midday for Bluestone guests and then opens up to the public until 9pm in peak season. We left the pool at 9pm! The girls had a lovely time but I do feel the pool needs a bit of maintenance, I cut my finger on a missing tile.

We arrived back at the lodge for a late night post-swim snack before getting the girls to bed.

Day Two

It was a lovely bright first morning at Bluestone. The sun was very fooling though because the temperature was absolutely freezing. We’d turned the heating up in our lodge so high just to keep warm. We all put on several layers.

We took our buggy for a ride to the Activity Centre. This building is the home to the huge indoor play area, mini golf, a yummy cafe, lots of activities going on and so much more!

We had booked the girls to do an activity at Bluestone for the first time ever. Eva wanted to do the Sky Trail so this was first on our agenda. It cost £8 per person to do the Sky Trail. It’s ultimately an obstacle course in the sky that goes around the indoor play area.

If I’m honest, I don’t think the activity should cost the amount that it does as it’s over within a few minutes and they only get one turn. But Eva loved every second of it. She’s our little daredevil so this pushes that personality to it’s limits. She didn’t even hesitate coming across the zipline.

All three girls then spent a good hour or so playing in the play area together. It’s a big wooden play area and you are suggested to wear shoes as it is a little slippery in places. I quite enjoyed the fact the girls didn’t need me to run around with them this time, which is a harsh reminder of how grown up they are now!

Next on our activity list was The Wall. There’s three climbing walls to navigate. The girls frequently do a climbing centre near where we live so they were quite excited. Again, this cost £8 each so not a cheap activity. The staff were a little confused with who was taking care of what and we felt they were rushing the girls a bit. Hubby did have a little word at the reception afterwards and they kindly booked us to do it again the following day.

Elsa spotted the crazy golf area. This is a free activity. The girls spent ten minutes or so playing golf together which was really cute. Balls and clubs are all provided and it’s a quick golf experience. 

After exhausting the girls in the play area we headed towards the Village Square as we needed to pop to the little shop. Last time, three years ago, the Village Square was an open area with a tent for activities. This time I was totally shocked to find a brand new modern playground. 

It was huge and we obviously had to allow the girls some time to play. We spent ages in there. There’s equipment for all ages. Freya and Eva both loved the little spinning tub best I think.

The Village shop stocks pretty much anything you’d need for a self catering Bluestone Wales holiday. You wouldn’t need to leave the resort. We need milks and a few other essentials. We hadn’t anticipated a full blown tantrum from Elsa because she wanted a baby bottle sweet, but that’s another story!

We then spent a good few hours back at the lodge to allow the girls to rest. They were clearly all exhausted. We also had some lunch before heading back out for another explore.

There’s something really relaxing about Bluestone Resort and the way we had nothing to be doing for a certain time. We hopped on our golf buggy and took a little ride to the lake. Our little family took a lovely walk around the lake, laughing most of it. Then we headed up to take a look at a huge wicker wizard I’d spotted when we arrived the day before. Of course I had to take a family photo.

On our way back to our lodge we decided to have another visit to the playground. The older playground is still there, albeit a little run down but the girls wanted to play.

Sadly Eva took a bash to her mouth from one of the swings. It was a little cut to her lip so I headed to the village shop to get some tissue. They insisted on sending First Aid, who arrived within a few minutes. I was so impressed by their professionalism but also kindness. They were amazing at sorting Eva out with an ice pack. The bleeding stopped pretty quickly and Eva was able to laugh it off.

We then carried on with the fun in the new playground. The girls loved it there and we all laughed so much whilst on the seesaw. It was a really good family bonding moment of giggles.

After dinner we decided to go for another evening swim. This time for not as long. It was a nice swim but everyone was definitely a little grumpy. I was exhausted myself to be honest!

Day Three

We had a much slower start to our Sunday and last full day at Bluestone. We took ourselves off to the Activity Centre just after lunch time so the girls could do The Wall activity again. It was nice taking it slower after a busy week previously.

We originally hadn’t booked an activity for Elsa as there wasn’t much to choose from. The ones suitable seemed a bit expensive or didn’t have space. But I saw her little face watching her sisters the day before. She had asked why she didn’t have an activity. So I quickly booked her something the night before.

I booked Elsa on to a messy play activity whilst Hubby took the girls for their climbing wall fun. I’m pleased to let you know that the staff took their time this turn. Freya and Eva loved it.

Meanwhile I enjoyed a full hour of messy play activities with Elsa. It’s always really nice to spend to one to one time with her. She’s a funny little character. The messy play session cost £8 per child. The children were allowed to get as messy as they liked with a mud kitchen, paint, clay, sand and slime. It was great fun!

After finishing in the activity centre, we went back to our lodge for some food. It was actually getting a bit later in the day by this point. The slower morning was so refreshing.

We’d decided to head to the jousting tournament in the evening. As part of their Myths & Legends Tournament, they had a fun activity on in the tournament field. We missed the parade but caught the excitement as it entered the field.

I never expected to see two real horses marching in. It was incredible! Bluestone put on an amazing show, a real jousting battle and the chance to see the two riders and their fabulous skills. The show was funny and thrilling. The girls absolutely loved it and we did too!

The event ended with a march down to the village centre. It was tricky to keep up but we had a cute opportunity for photos. The only downer on the event was the freezing cold weather! I felt frozen to the bone.

The parade ended at the village square where we was greeted by a giant pirate. Elsa was not keen on him but Freya and Eva quickly joined in the fun. There was music, dancing and party games. We had lots of laughs!

Apart from being frozen, we all had such a great evening. I’m so glad that I decided to brave the weather and take the family there.

Day Four

Sadly we woke up on our last day to terrible wind and rain. Our plans to go to Dinosaur Park Tenby was scrapped so we decided to just make our way home. Another five hour journey.

I have created a playlist for you to watch of our adventures in Bluestone. I hope you enjoy the videos!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. We had our stay gifted to us, however we paid for activities and extras ourselves.

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