Body Confidence of a Mum of 3

I was interviewed today for a magazine. The main aim was to talk about what it’s like to be a young mum. I felt very nervous and anxious before the phone call and it was even worse whilst talking as I unearthed the past again.

But during that call I was asked questions about what it’s like to be a mum and how it’s changed me. It got me thinking, of course it did! I’ve been judged throughout my whole parenting experience. From the snide remarks of my fellow school “mates” to dirty looks from other mums in playgroups. It just doesn’t end.mummyWhat makes me any different from you than my age. My height. But recently I posted a photo of myself at the duck pond wearing tight jeggings with my 4 inch high heels. For me this is my normal every day look but it soon became apparent that I’m in the minority which of course is perfectly acceptable too, and who am I to judge someone else for the way they’ve decided they want to dress and parent. Who writes the rules to parenting? Who says what I’m doing is wrong? Why should I be judged for making an effort in the way I look now.

Rewind to Christmas, I was unhappy with my weight and my figure. Wearing baggy tops and my black leggings. Frequently wearing my jogging bottoms too. Ashamed of myself in a way. I’ve never truly believed I was fat but I certainly had pounds and inches to shift. Honestly, I never realised just how bad I looked until this week when I’ve looked back on photos from last year and even the beginning of this year. This photo was 6 months ago:


Moving on, I’m finally feeling confident about myself and that’s from eating healthier, smaller portions and exercising for at least 10 minutes each day. I’m beginning to enjoy my body. Enjoy my clothes and enjoy life as a result. My hubby was always honest to me about my weight and extra lumps and bumps that for someone of my height, shouldn’t be there. But I ignored him, I thought he was being rude and maybe he was but it gave me the motivation and his words have been the best support I’ve had about my journey.


I’m only on this earth for a short amount of time. I’m only young for an even shorter length so why shouldn’t I embrace that? I’ve grown to become comfortable wearing heels and wearing makeup. It’s become my armour in a way. Not only feeling good about myself but to see my hubby so attracted to me makes me feel so fantastic! Which in turn gives me the confidence to be more social and that’s a change I’ve really seen in myself lately.

Dressing like this should not separate me from other mums!

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