Bonfire Night 2016 With 3M

Forgetting the fact I am somebody who doesn’t really embrace the colder weather gracefully, I do love Bonfire Night and Halloween. There’s something quite festive and exciting about it if I’m honest. This year was no different, my excitement was still well and truly there, only this year the girls were spending Bonfire Night back in Essex with my Mum. We would usually find a display to attend but instead Hubby and I watched the occasional firework from our lounge window with no kids.


My Mum had plans to take the girls to her friend’s house. Her friend was putting on a little Bonfire Party and I was really pleased when 3M got in touch to offer some goodies for them to take with them. It also made me feel pretty jealous that they would be having a pretty awesome Bonfire Night without me. The girls were kitted out with their own Peltor Kids Ear Muffs from 3M which help to block out loud noises. Perfect for all those super loud firework bangs. They also had very cute hats, mittens and scarves to keep them nice and warm throughout the Bonfire Party. I loved that 3M had popped in some flashing light toys for the girls too which are safer than sparklers, although it would seem that sparklers were used during the party and the little mittens they had protected their hands.


Personally I was most jealous of the selection of yummy treats they took with them for their weekend. I am so thankful that the girls got to experience a Bonfire party and although I wasn’t there I can tell from the photos I was sent that they all had a lovely time. Luckily the weather was clear for them. I would highly recommend getting some Peltor Ear Muffs as we use them throughout the year for various different things.

Did you go to a Firework display this year? Do your kids love or hate the fireworks?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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  1. We did indeed go to a display and it was fab, my kids love watching the fireworks it is a magical time of the year x

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