Boobie Milk

A few days ago I was convinced I had a problem with my milk supply. I was terrified!

My boobs felt really empty, I wasn’t getting that “filling” feeling, and P2 was feeding more often and not really sleeping. Even more to my worry is that I’ve only been expressing about 2oz and that’s a total amount.
20130504-092956 PM.jpg
Turns out, I have nothing to worry about. I expressed in the morning yesterday and I didn’t get too much again, but since then I’ve been feeling my filling and I’ve realised that P2 is just generally not sleeping during the day because of her age!

I keep forgetting I need to drink lots, especially when the weather is hot. At the start, I’d never be without a full glass of water for long. But now, well I hardly ever have a drink. It’s so bad I know!

We had some exciting things arrive in the post this morning, but that’s for another day…

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