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We are a week into the second lockdown in the UK, lockdown 2.0, and this lockdown does feel extremely different from the first one. I am extremely invested in making sure my girls are happy and thriving through this second lockdown and of course beyond that too.

A great way to help children with their learning is to read books. We have a wonderful collection of books in this house but I’m always excited to receive new reads to share with my girls. It’s even more exciting to get books that have a real meaning behind them. Right now I’ve been enjoying books that empower my daughters.

I’m not an experienced book reviewer, but over the past few weeks, we have kindly been sent a few children’s books to read. I hope you’ll find some inspiration for your bedtime reading opportunities through the books I have shared below!

Sophie Says

We were sent two Sophie Says books; I Can, I will and It’s Okay Not To Be Okay. They cost £5.99 each.

The first book, Sophie Says I Can, I Will is about empowering children to never give up on their dreams. It talks about stereotypes and job roles in life that children may face. The words “I can, I will” are repeated throughout the book to remind children they can do whatever their hearts desire.

The second book, Sophie Says It’s okay not be to be okay absolutely stole my heart. This book is about emotions and tackling mental health in a child-friendly way. It follows the emotions of Jamie and how his friends are there to pick him up. That it’s ok to seek help, it’s ok to feel sad or angry or happy. I think this book is inspiring and so very important!

The illustrations in these two books are incredible. There is attention to detail including pictures on the small mobile phones. The girls find new things every time they read this. They are colourful and simply gorgeous. We have enjoyed adding these two books to our collection.

The World Made A Rainbow

With the current pandemic, I have been finding books that are relatable to our world right now. I was excited to have The World Made A Rainbow on our bookshelf.

Rainbows for me mean hope, they represent lots of different things for everybody but one of the first things we did during the first lockdown in the UK was to create rainbow pictures and put them on our windows. Ours were there for so long they faded and we need to pop new ones up.

This book follows a little girl during the lockdown, how she’s painting the different colours and talking about seeing her family and friends very soon. It’s a special book that brings happy and sad emotions to me during this time. My three girls really enjoy this book and we’ve read it quite a few times now.

Every sale of this book goes to Save The Children UK. It costs about £6.99. Save The Children is a children’s charity that makes sure children in the UK and around the world are safe and healthy. They support them to learn, grow and become who they want to be. I’ve worked with them for a few years, especially on their Christmas Jumper campaign each year.

For this book, Save The Children have created a printable free activity sheet, perfect for a during lockdown activity with your kiddies. 

Big Splash Circus

If I’m totally honest, Big Splash Circus wouldn’t have caught my eye in a bookshop. I found the drawings rather unusual, not quite the usual cute fluffy animal drawings I would lean towards for a children’s book. 

This book follows a Lantern Fish who normally sells popcorn and he wants to do something bigger and better just like his friends. The story sees him try out different talents that his friends can do, fail and then realise that he has many talents already. 

For me, reading it, I could see that this was a great book for encouraging children to realise they are perfect the way they are. In a world full of social media and expectations of “perfect lives” this was a great book to uncover and taught me not to judge a book by its cover.

I will say, there’s a slight discrepancy in the book where the Lantern Fish tries to play the drums with the Crab, then at the back of the book in the “meet the team” section, it says that the Crab tries to teach Lantern Fish to play the trumpet. We did have a giggle at that.

This book has a paperback and hardback option. The hardback is more expensive but you can get the paperback for £5.99.

Happy reading!

Disclosure: These books were gifted to us.

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