“Both of us grew up with animals around us”

I’ve always had a love for animals. I’ve always respected them even if sometimes they didn’t respect me. As a child, my earliest memories, I’ve been surrounded by various animals.

As a child, I grew up with a mum who’s career was a veterinary nurse. We actually lived attached to a veterinary clinic… When I say attached I mean part of. There was a door in our hall that was covered by a curtain that went straight into the operating theatre of the vets!!

I was about P1s age, and younger, watching cats give birth, have major operations and unfortunately in some situations they did die. The main vet always used to threaten to shave my eyebrows off. We shared a garden with guinea-pigs and rabbits enjoying outdoor time. I helped to bottle feed baby wild rabbits and fostered squirrels!!

Over the years, I’ve noticed that P1 also shares a love for animals. Both of us grew up with animals around us. P1 didn’t get the first hand experience of it like I did as my mum stopped her veterinary work when my brother arrived but we’ve always had pets. Guinea-pigs, rabbits, hamsters, degus, fish, dogs, cats and chickens. You get the picture.br />20140413-122949 pm.jpg

20140413-122955 pm.jpg

20140413-123004 pm.jpgP2 hasn’t ever had a pet but I’ve begun to see a love and an interest that she has with animals. Whenever we see a dog when we are out and about she always says “oook” (look) and points staring. She loves my MiLs cat and is fascinated by birds, although was a little scared when an over confident pigeon came up to her!

It’s funny really that I married a man that isn’t quite of an animal lover as I am. He loves animals but he’s never agreed to us having a pet ourselves. I have worked on him several times, pleading for a pet that doesn’t require as much work as he thinks. I’m desperate for a pet, I see his worries about them, of course I do. But I truly believe animals are a really good educational thing for children.

Pets and animals teach many things. They teach respect, love, responsibility and they teach about death in a much kinder way that losing a family member. In my opinion, obviously death in any sense is a horrible thing.

Sometimes I feel a little part of me is missing when I look around. It’s silly really because realistically I’ve got enough going on in my life without having to feed a cat or something, but growing up with animals around me every day of my life obviously left it’s mark. I contemplated becoming a veterinary nurse but I’m not sure that you can learn that by being a stay at home mum!

I’m still working on hubby… He’ll crack one day.
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