Bounty Mutiny

Mumsnet has started a campaign to end Bounty Sales Reps being able to go into maternity wards.

When I first read about it on Twitter I didn’t think there would be many people against Bounty Reps. But there is! Including me.

With P1, they came and asked if I’d like a picture of her. They must have been completely blind, stupid or ignorant?! It was clear I didn’t have my baby with me, I didn’t have a cot near me for one!

Then with P2, I was quite open about having the “Bounty photos” taken. It was exciting, people always rant and rave about them. But when the lady started positioning my day old baby for photos she managed to very nearly tip her off the bed. My heart lurched, I moved so quickly to stop her from falling and I then gave an angry glare at my OH who had jumped too.

I definitely think they should be banned from maternity wards. For so many reasons… It’s one thing being surrounded by nurses who know what they’re doing… But having some randomer come along, touch your newborn and photograph your newborn is another. and the photos weren’t that great anyway!

If you support my view, sign the campaign!!! I’d also love to hear about your experiences…

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