Boys And Their Toys

I’ve had a lovely, busy morning with my OH. We had a meeting at the Ford dealer to discuss a new car. My current Fiesta Zetec is just too small, I have to remove the wheels of the pram for it to fit! I know you’re probably thinking “just get a new pram”

I got to test drive a 2010 plate Focus Titanium! My gosh it’s beautiful, heated seats, start/stop button, and the best thing about it is that I wouldn’t need my seat cushion. I currently use a wedge under my bum just to be able to see over the steering wheel, and that’s with the seat pumped to the highest and pushed all the way forward. If we did get the Focus then it would be bye bye cushion. Excellent achievement for me.

I’ve got to flutter my eye lashes at my OH now. He’s always very careful when it comes to big decisions with money.

Whilst writing this post, I’m sat in his car whilst he is getting a test drive in a Kugar or a new Focus ST with two snoring girlies! Typical bloke.

Oh, and not to forget, this morning he treated us to a huge full English breakfast at the Wimpy.
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