Enjoying Books With Brave Girls Book Club

My eldest daughter has inherited my own love for books which of course makes me very thrilled. I was recently contacted by a book subscription box specifically for young girls and I jumped at the chance to help them out.

Brave Girls Book Club is the world’s first book subscription box especially for young girls. BGBC puts female-led, empowering literature in the hands of young readers to inspire them through positive role models, new-found knowledge, and fun gifts.

Freya was lucky enough to receive one of their sample boxes. It came packed in a little box that was able to come through my letter box. Inside, the goodies were wrapped in pink tissue paper with a BGBC sticker securing it together.

I decided to take the subscription box with us on our holiday to the Isle Of Wight as a little surprise treat for Freya, she’s definitely at the age where playing is becoming less so I hoped this would keep her entertained. She was absolutely thrilled to receive this gorgeous package with a grown up style book inside.

The subscription box came with a book, a bookmark, some candy and a little booklet to complete. Over the period of our Isle Of Wight holiday, Freya was found with her nose inside this book and would regularly talk to me about the storyline.

I am super excited for Freya to receive more of these books and be able to access this kind of subscription box as she continues to grow into her teenhood. Freya has also been asking me when she’ll get another box.

You can find out more and sign up to receive updates on their launch by visiting the Brave Girls Book Club website .

Disclosure: This is a gifted product.

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