Breast Feeding Support Group

I attended my first ever baby group this morning. It was a breast feeding support group. I don’t want to sound boastful, but I didn’t really need any support. My breast feeding experience has been pretty easy for the both of us, I have plenty of milk and P2 latches perfectly – the only niggle we’ve ever had was right at the start, three days in, my nipples became very sore and cracked.



They asked a lot of questions which gave me ample excuse to really explain how well I’ve done being a young Mum and all my accomplishments. It was a wonderful feeling when everyone congratulated me. It was also lovely to get some advice on where to find some nice nursing bras and what to do about the cradle cap P2 has got at the moment.


Little lady now weighs a whopping 11lb 4oz! It’s crazy just how quick she’s growing; in size and personality. It won’t be long until my baby is a walking, talking little girl!!


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