Breast Is Best – Or Just Embarassing

I’ve chosen to breastfeed P2!!

Believe it or not it wasn’t an easy decision for me. I had chosen to bottle feed P1 – but when she arrived early I knew I had to express my milk to give her the best start.

Without a doubt breastfeeding has better health benefits than bottle feeding both for mum and baby. But the thought of strangers seeing my boobs was terrifying! Then the thought of even my family seeing them made me feel sick. Bare in mind I was only 16 at the time I made this decision for P1.

Our breastfeeding experience didn’t succeed. Her prematurity meant she found it hard to latch on and the hospital staff were less than supportive towards me. However, at home I was expressing a lot. The fridge and freezer was bursting full of my milk. Even the hospital fridge was packed. But the lack of bond between P1 and myself added with the stress of having a baby in hospital meant that my milk dried up before P1 was discharged from hospital.

When I found out I was pregnant with P2 I had mixed emotions about breastfeeding. I wanted to do it – but then again the same thoughts were really putting me off the idea. My OH and I had many discussions about it. He is definitely for breastfeeding because after all breast is best.

My Pros To Breast Feeding
Weight loss.
Helps lessen the after bleeding.
Helps reduce the chances of me getting breast or ovarian cancer.
Helps protect baby against illnesses.
It’s free! Let’s face it – that’s a huge bonus.
Available whenever your baby is hungry.

My Cons to Breast Feeding
Having my boobs on show to the world.
Being on demand for feeds more often than a bottle fed baby.
Knowing that it could cause jealousy issues with P1.
Having to wear breast pads and nursing bras.

Obviously the pros have outweighed the cons. As I am breastfeeding P2. I know it’ll be a big struggle to establish and get comfortable with. I have a lot of self confidence issues to overcome. But this time I know I have a supportive partner, family who have breast fed successfully who can help, and I know that my OH won’t let me just sit there and not ask for help from embarrassment.

Definitely thinking of getting one of these Boob Beanie hats to embrace my time breastfeeding Although for the start I’ll happily cover myself up with one of those breastfeeding shawls that my Mother-In-Law has got me 🙂

Breastfeeding has come up a lot on things I’ve been looking at on the Internet. (Was it breastfeeding week or something recently?!) Some of the things I’ve read have confirmed my fears of breastfeeding in public – people just don’t seem to accept it anymore?! Even though it’s perfectly ok for a man to shout “get ya tits out” to any woman he feels fit. So why is it so unacceptable to pop a boob out a feed your baby… I’m sure it’s also part of the reason why some women choose to bottle feed.

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  1. I think it’s great you are giving it a go if that’s what you want to do! I’m lucky that I was confident and well established before I got a negative reaction because I was secure enough to ignore it. You’ll mostly find that if you’re covered up nobody notices. If it doesn’t work out for you then we are lucky enough to live in a place where there are safe and healthy alternatives to breast feeding for those that need it. Good luck to you x

  2. I’m glad your MiL has got you a shawl as I was going to suggest that 🙂 I’m hoping to be a midwife and providing good support for mothers who want to breastfeed is a big issue in midwifery at the moment – even in four years things might have changed so I hope you do get any support you need. Hold your head proud whatever you do, because you’re the best person to make that choice. They’re your breasts, you can do what you with them!

  3. With my first I had to bottle feed as I got infected stitches.
    My little girl arrived on the 6th Jan, I really wanted to breast feed. I’ve had to do breast feeding and bottle top ups from her birth.
    I am really self-conscious and so googled things that I could use to cover me up when I was breast feeding and I found the perfect thing. It’s a breast feeding apron, that covers you totally. I found a lovely lady on facebook ( and she made me one!
    I use it when visitors pop round and yesterday for the first time in public (coffee at Sainsburys!) and no one can see anything!
    You do what’s best for you honey!

  4. Hi

    I chose to bottle feed my daughter as I didn’t have any real desire to breast feed and wanted other people to be able to feed her. I know they say breast is best but my personal view is you should do what’s best for YOU and your family! A mothers well being is of paramount importance and she shouldn’t feel pressurised into doing something or guilty about decisions she makes.

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