“My breastfeeding experiences are over”

It’s been over two weeks since we breastfed. Just under two weeks since I last expressed milk. It’s gone. My milk is gone and therefore my breastfeeding experiences are over. I didn’t shed any tears about stopping. Deep down I knew this was the right choice.

My body is returning to normal. A heavier, chubbier normal but still normal. My boobs are hideously flappy again. They actually seen smaller than before and I can’t wait to get measured for a new normal bra in the New Year.

Another normality that has returned is my period. I’m unsure whether it’s returned due to the fact we stopped breastfeeding or because I had the coil fitted 8 days ago. I’m not even sure I can class it as a period as it’s been extremely irregular starting from the day my coil was fitted.

My periods have always been very heavy and painful. So far it’s been manageable.

When did your periods return and did it take a while to  settle into a routine?

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  1. I always had heavy, painful periods then I got the contraceptive implant fitted about just after my youngest was born about 7 years ago….I’m onto my 2nd one now. I rarely have periods now and when I do they last a day and are so light…..Last time I had one was about 3 months ago! It’s fantastic!

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