Bring Me Sunshine!

Since moving home I have definitely become a home body. We used to spend a lot of time out of our old house, getting away from the crowded environment, but our new home is different. I love being here much more than freezing my butt off going on adventures.

But at the same time I am longing for our adventures. For being out of the house in the sunshine. Last weekend we had decided to have yet another lazy weekend, let’s be honest the weekdays are so busy we do deserve these breaks in routine for pyjama days. Then I spotted it snowing on the Sunday and P3s little squeals were just adorable. We shoved some coats over the top of their pjs and headed outside.

It snowed for a while but was too warm to settle properly. The girls loved it and those three photos above have got to be the best I’ve captured recently of their natural happiness. We spent a while outside, wandering up and down our garden, catching the snowflakes and watching them melt in our hands. P2 wanted her hair to be covered in the pretty flakes.

We then spent the rest of our Sunday snuggled up indoors on the sofa, the girls played their iPads really nicely together and I spent most of the day with P3 on my lap. We even enjoyed a spontaneous bath time together and I loved the photo that Hubby took of us.

As much as I really do enjoy just being at home, I am ready for warmth and the sun. As you will know if you’ve read my blog for a while is that we go on many outdoor adventures. We have National Trust membership and have been considering getting the English Heritage one too. My girls love being outside but hate the cold so during winter we just can’t find a happy medium.

I’m ready to do things that are blog worthy, to film our days out and our adventures. To watch the girls abilities progress as they grow older this year. Are you a winter or a summer person? How do you get through the colder months with children?

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  1. I love how excited they all look at the snow!

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