Thinking About Our Christmas Day Breakfast With Brioche Pasquier

There’s only a few days left to get any Christmas shopping finished and wrapped. But have you thought about Christmas food you’ll need too? We are lucky enough to not need any main food for Christmas Day as we are spending it round family. However, I do need to think about a festive breakfast for my little family.


Usually Christmas morning starts pretty early now there are tiny people excited to see what Santa has brought for them so the very last thing I want to be doing is spending my time in the kitchen cooking a massive Full English breakfast, however I think that would be my favourite choice of breakfast to have on a Christmas morning. That type of breakfast will have to wait until the girls are a little bit older. So I want something that is both easy but also a treat for them. We were recently sent some delicious options from Brioche Pasquier, a French family bakery, opened in 1936.


The girls each had their own favourites from the selection. P1 adored the Pains Au Chocolat, eating several at one time. P2 really loved the Pains Au Lait, no surprise she was drawn to the milky one! P3s favourite was a slice of Brioche Loaf. Personally, I enjoyed the plain Croissants Au Beurre especially when heated up in the oven for a few minutes.


Each of the pastries had so much flavour and were really fluffy. Every recipe from Brioche Pasquier are free from artificial colours, flavours and hydrogenated fats meaning they actually are quite a good option for Christmas morning and much healthier than a huge fried breakfast. I also loved how the croissants are wrapped in pairs, and the chocolate ones individually meaning they would make great lunch box items or for picnics too.

What are you planning to have for Christmas morning breakfast?

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