Britax DUALFIX Car Seat Review

As part of being a Britax Mumbassador, I have been given the Britax DUALFIX car seat to review and share with you guys. On first impressions the DUALFIX looks super modern and funky. It is also quite large and very heavy.

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So we move onto the technical side of things. The DUALFIX is a Group 0+/1 car seat which means it is suitable from 0-18kg (0-4 years old). The car seat swivels 360 degrees so that parents have the flexibility to move from rear facing to forward facing when they feel ready. The DUALFIX comes with a newborn insert and uses a 5 point harness with padded shoulders.



The Britax  DUALFIX is an ISOFIX car seat and has a foot prop that has an indicator to confirm correct installation. It’s a very simple car seat to install which is fantastic as there will be less room for error. This is the first car seat we’ve had with a rebound bar too and I actually had to google to find out what they were for. 


Basically in a front on collision, your baby’s rear facing car seat goes forward towards the front of the car and downwards first, then bounces back and tips towards the back seat. The rebound bar helps to prevent the car seat tipping so far forwards that your baby’s head touched the seat. A really brilliant safety feature!

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The Britax DUALFIX can be swivelled 90 degrees to ease putting your baby in. It can also be turned 360 degrees so that you can move from 0-13kg baby or 9-18kg toddler. The seat literally has it all and P3 gets so excited when she travels in it. Kicking her feet on the seat and smiling. When she falls asleep the car seat can be easily reclined allowing her to have an all round comfortable ride. 

The Britax DUALFIX costs £375. When considering spending this amount of money do remember that this is a car seat that will last you from newborn to 4 years (18kg). No confusion of when you need to change and completely adaptable to your growing child. It’s definitely worth the money with all the safety features included.


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free of charge to review as part of my role as a Britax Mumbassador in 2016. However, all opinions and content remain my own

Britax DUALFIX Car Seat

Value For Money

Very modern and stylish

The seat was easy to fit and looks very modern. It is easy to use with a swivel base. Such a comfortable car seat that grows from birth to 15kg

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  1. We have a britax seat for lamb and it’s fab. I think their seats are really high quality and really sturdy. This one looks amazing x

  2. Looks like a great seat. I love that it moves around so you can easily pop them in. x

  3. Sounds really good! And that is really good value for how long it will last a child. Great review x

  4. We’re after a car seat like this, looks great!

  5. She looks so happy in there! We have a maxi cosy axiss and the swivel feature is the best thing ever!!

  6. That seems a bit expensive but by the time you’ve bought two different seats, bases and worried about when you need to change it’s probably worth it.

  7. Wow I love the swivel feature – so useful when wrestling a baby into their seat! Quite pricey though I suppose you spend around the same amount changing car seats as they grow

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I completely agree. P3 seems to get in a right strop when we get her back in the car from being out. It’s really helped having the swivel.

  8. The Dualfix is a great seat – it’s so important to keep them rear facing for their safety. It really is a no brainer! We need to choose a new rear facing seat for Wee Bun when she outgrows her stage 0 seat #love2blog

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