British Red Cross Has First Aid #RappedUp

As a parent there are so many roles that you have to play. Peace maker, chef, maid, friend, teacher plus so so many more but the absolutely most important one is that you have to play nurse. I have played that role plenty of times with my three daughters. P1 is accident prone, she was born early and her problems have extended drastically from there.

There has been so many times that my own parents, my Grandparents, the school or parents of my friends that have picked me up and patched me back up again. When I had P1 and even to this day, I relay all sorts of situations and what I would do in them. Like breaking arms, fingers being chopped off, even nose bleeds and unconsciousness. It terrifies the heck out of me because quite frankly, I haven’t got a clue.

british red cross

British Red Cross have a Baby and Child First-Aid App which is free so definitely download it. The App is full with essential first aid advice, videos and even a test section. I downloaded it a long time ago and have frequently gone to it to swot up on my first aid knowledge.

The app is so easy to use and loads up within a few seconds making it the perfect tool for advice for anything from a nosebleed to how to prepare for a road traffic incident. I love how under some of the sections there are questions that will then lead you onto the next piece of advice.


Would you know what to do if your baby or child started to choke? It’s different for a baby, for a child and for an adult. Would you know how to respond to an allergic reaction? Learning First Aid is so important and doing it with British Red Cross is so simple. I’ve even seen them at The Baby Show doing fantastic demonstrations.

British Red Cross know that most parents with an interest to learn First Aid are doing it in the later stages of pregnancy up until their baby is 8 months old. But what about as they grow older? When the risks become higher as they start to crawl, walk and fall. My girls keep me on my toes constantly. P1 is hypermobile and falls frequently with cuts, bruises and bumps. P2 is a little dare devil and that comes with so many dangers and I am certain she will be the one to break a bone first. P3 is exploring the world around her and puts everything in her mouth no matter how big or small it may be.

There are plenty of first aid courses going on in the UK which you can find out more about by visiting the British Red Cross First Aid Rapped Up website. The courses cost around £60 which I think is really good value when the information you come away with and new skills could save your child’s life!

I did not have First Aid Rapped Up at all. In fact it’s only been very recent that I even took an interest. I was naive to think that nothing could ever harm my children because I was there to protect them as their Mum. When P1 fell down the stairs about three years ago now and her head was bleeding I panicked. The sight of blood and my daughter screaming was absolutely horrific. I reached for a cloth and rang 999. I was crying my eyes out and my lack of knowledge and skills showed through that day.

When I had P2, I wanted to make a change. I wanted and needed to learn some basic first aid. It’s a life or death situation to learn first aid. You could be the saviour to the man sitting next to you on the bus, to the postman, to your partner and of course to your children. I went on a “Save A Baby’s Life” course locally and it was really helpful. In fact the things I learnt back then really helped when P3 started choking just last week. I want to venture my skills further and am using the British Red Cross Baby and Child First Aid App frequently to learn and test my knowledge.

Please, get your free baby and child first aid app now!


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  1. When I found out about the app, I downloaded it in a flash! I love it. It really reassures me to have it on my phone.

  2. Oh, I really should do a baby first aid course. I did a dog one when Josephine first came home, so there’s really no excuse for not taking a baby course now! I love that picture of your three beautiful girls.

  3. Elizabeth Rebecca

    What a useful app – particularly if you’re ever alone with little ones.

    Lizzie Dripping

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