My BritMums Live 2014 Experience

At 1:39pm hubby and I jumped on the train to London Bridge. I’d been in a bit of a panic that morning, stressing about the size of my bag and that I couldn’t fit everything in one. I was being quite selfish! There was hubby carrying a rather heavy rucksack whilst I complained of my aching feet, again all my fault for wearing heels on the journey. Between Moorgate station and the venue, I moaned so much about my feet hubby promptly passed me my wedges and we carried on walking. Hubby checked in to the hotel whilst I rushed off to register.


Once I had my badge I followed the crowd into a huge room absolutely jam packed with women, oh and the odd couple of men. From that moment onwards I realised just how overwhelming this conference was going to be. I felt quite alone and rather small. I had a look around the companies, joined a few bloggers clubs and grabbed a few freebies. The atmosphere was just amazing. Everyone was talking to each other and there was so much laughter. I did wander around alone and feeling very nervous at the start but soon enough I started talking to a few other bloggers.

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The hotel experience was fantastic. I’d decided to treat hubby and I to a stay at the Montcalm London City. It’s by far the most beautiful and poshest hotel I’ve ever stayed at! That definitely means I need to get out more. The bathroom had a see through window into the room which appealed to hubby and the bed was so tall I had to take a running jump.


The awards ceremony was really emotional. I have to admit that I only knew a few of the bloggers who won and they certainly deserved it! I sat there hoping that one day I’d be an award winning blogger just like them. Every session I attended was absolutely jam packed with information and tips that I’ve taken away with me. I took many notes, all old-fashionably hand written and messy.


There’s a few pointers I’m taking away with me and will be applying to my blog and my life;

  • As a blogger I am important to brands.
  • That my blog meets pretty much all of the design tips that Capture By Lucy explained and I feel very lucky that my hubby achieved all of them on his own.
  • I need to add a photo of myself to my sidebar.
  • I need to invest in some professional 2 sided business cards to hand out at every opportunity in my day to day life.
  • Video is certainly the way forward. Video reviews. Video snap shots of something that’s related to the post I’m writing.
  • Take time in blogging. Reread posts. Edit pictures. Edit videos. Save it and go back to it. Be proud!
  • Take photos near a window. Always. Light should be behind a still object. Whereas it should be on the side of a person, 45degree angle.
  • Google+ is certainly important. It’s high maintenance but has to be done.
  • That I’d love to get into a bit of travel blogging.
  • I need to be brave in my writing and more descriptive. It needs a beginning, middle and end.
  • I need more confidence in myself and should perhaps invest in a confidence building workshop or something.
  • I need to read and engage more with other bloggers. And they need to read and engage more with me too.


I had a thoroughly amazing time at BritMums Live 2014. It was highly overwhelming and very scary but it was so fun and informing. I hope that I can go again next year and hope to be sponsored too. Thank you to BritMums, to all the speakers and the sponsors, well thank you sponsors for the incredibly heavy goodie bag my hubby had to carry home on the train!


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  1. Great pointers – shame I didn’t get to say hello having read your blog for a while now. Perhaps next year!

  2. I’m glad you had a good time πŸ™‚ I think it’s very brave to attend on your own, I’m always accompanied by C. Great tips too!

  3. The first time is always nervous…but as a newb last year and a second timer this year, there is something fab about the familiarity of it – although I did spend quite a lot of time alone because I’m crap at approaching people! I’m fine if people come to me though…need to work on that part of me!

    Loving your tips round up too – very helpful! x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I was alone pretty much all of it. It was very overwhelming and confidence/social skills are certainly something I need to work on myself.

  4. I’m glad you had a good time and leant some new tips!

  5. Cate @meaddthree

    A lovely write up, glad you enjoyed it! The sessions were really informative and I learned loads too!

  6. I remember feeling exactly like this my first year. It was terrifying. It gets easier and more fun every time you go though, and you’ll soon be right at the centre of it all πŸ™‚

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I’m such a social drop out. I’m rubbish at starting/holding a convo. I feel sorry for those who tried.

  7. Sorry you were alone at first but glad you found people. Seems you got a lot out of it and good luck with an award next year πŸ™‚

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Oh I’m not planning an award for next year… That’s far too adventurous. Probably 5 years time haha!

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