Britmums Live 2014 – What I’ll be wearing

It’s my first time at Britmums Live, the UKs biggest two day blogger & social media conference. I’ve been very excited and extremely nervous. There’s less than two weeks left to prepare and my main focus has been on what I’ll be wearing.

I’m no fashion expert, in fact my knowledge of fashion and clothes is next to zero. I wear what’s in my wardrobe depending on the weather, and some of those items have been there since I was 16! Being small tiny, my wardrobe is rather limited.

I’ve learnt that anything knee length or lower is a huge no no for a petite lady… A 4ft 8in tall lady if I’m more precise! Wearing anything like that makes me look at least a foot smaller than I am. I know for certain that for Britmums Live I want to wear a dress, both days, but I don’t want to be judged or singled out by wearing a shorter than average dress.

I’ve got one dress contender, although I look a little frumpy in it but hey ho. Then I’ve ordered a maternity bodycon dress for Saturday. I’m feeling quite happy about my choices although I’m very certain I’ll get a few dodgy looks from the length of them.

20140610-024335 pm-53015880.jpg

I’ll be pairing my outfits with my black stiletto heels that are very comfy, however, will be packing some wedge heels for if my feet begin to hurt. Something that doesn’t usually happen as I live in heels due to my short stature and the fact my hubby is 6ft!!

On the rest of my list of things to take are; notepad, pen, mobile phone for pictures & tweeting and the special networking cards my hubby is making for me to hand out to brands or bloggers. Along with meeting new bloggers, I’m really looking forward to spending a night at a hotel with my hubby and getting my first full and uninterrupted sleep since P2 was worn!!! We’ll be staying at the London City Suites.

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  1. Love the dress, I’m also short and wore heals last year, feet killed me so I’m retreating to flat’s this year. Love you to say hello.

  2. Love that dress, I’m sure the length will be fine on you. I couldn’t wear stilletoes though, I’m going for wedges!

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Although I seem to have misplaced my dress and have the next three days to turn my house upside down trying to find it!!!!

  3. Beautiful dress. I wish I could wear heels, but I’ll be sticking to flats! Popped over from the Britmums what I’m wearing linky x

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