10 Places To Visit In Kent This Easter Holiday

It’ll be three years in September since we moved our family from Essex to Kent. We hoped for a better life for the girls and since being here I honestly believe that we are. Although there are some amazing places to visit in Essex for families, I have found the range of different things over in Kent so much more exciting.

Despite being here for nearly three years, we are yet to actually visit some of the attractions and places to see that really are right around the corner or at least not very far away. I have put together a little bucket list of places I have been or really want to go with my family.

Chislehurst Caves

I went here a lot as a child. I never realised where in the country it was until we moved to Kent and actually it’s only about a 30 minute drive from where we live now. They are man made caves well beneath the woodlands and I think they are absolutely spectacular. Under 3s are free too which is a bonus.

White Cliffs Of Dover

I have only ever seen these coming back from a school trip on the ferry. I think this would be a fantastic destination to explore with children. The beaches look amazing. There’s changing facitilies, a coffee shop and family friendly walks too.

Howletts Wild Animal Park

Very close to Canterbury, this animal park is right up my girls street. They adore animals and we keep meaning to head to Howletts but just haven’t yet. We will probably head here this Easter Holidays as it’s so close.

Haven Holidays Allhallows

This probably seems a silly choice seeing as we live so close but my girls really enjoy heading off for a hotel stay and are practically begging us for another trip. Something that has it all in one area would be perfect. Swimming, restaurants and the excitement of a new bed. We have the Allhallows Haven Park so close that it would make a fantastic mini break destination for us. A home from home.

Hever Castle

Throughout the year Hever Castle has lots of different activities. This Easter there’s plenty going on including a Lindt Bunny Hunt which looks like so much fun. Hever Castle is even closer than I thought to us and definitely a fab place to visit with the castle to explore, adventure playgrounds and many other exciting things for families.

Kent Life

I went here last year I think when the weather was pretty hot. It’s quite a small animal park with farm animals and lots of play areas for the children.

Glamping Port Lympne

Probably the ultimate experience for a family. Glamping in the middle of a zoo! I loved camping as a child but am yet to experience the luxury of a glamping holiday. This would just be really fun plus with access to the park you can’t really go wrong.

Dickens World 

I think this is probably more for older children but I personally would love to go and visit here. It looks so educational and interesing.

Hop Farm

Every year we have said we’ll go to Hop Farm. But guess what, we haven’t. There’s animals, play areas, indoor and outdoor activities. There’s also restaurants and shops to explore on your day out.

Camber Sands 

The softest beaches I’ve ever experienced with high sand dunes to slide down, Camber Sands holds very fond memories from my childhood. We are definitely going to Camber Sands this school holidays whether the sun shines or pours. Hubby isn’t a fan of the beach but the girls are completely in awe every time.


Writing this post has certainly imprinted the love I have for the county we live in. The Garden Of England. It certainly is a beautiful place to be with so much going on for the children. Have you been to Kent or live in the are and could suggest any more family friendly places to visit? Leave me a comment below.

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  1. I am living in Kent , have visited all these places when the children were younger. The zoos are great , camber sands lovely and loved the hop farm . Dickens world is more for older children really . Another really good day out is groombridge place , quite magical for children . We followed a route through the forest . It had things like giant swings , zip wires ,wooden bridges , water pools, secret gardens, giant chess set and a canal boat . Here is the link http://www.groombridgeplace.com/

  2. You live in a lovely part of the UK! I love the idea of glamping in a zoo and the kids would love it! Great selection of ideas! xx

  3. Emma White (@TheRealSupermum)

    oh wow so many things to do there may have to plan a visit

  4. Emma White (@TheRealSupermum)

    oh I have never been to Kent but it sounds like a great place to visit with lots of options

  5. We’re looking at moving to Kent when we leave Dubai! We have friends who were married at Hever and have been to a couple of events there as well!

  6. Caves and castle sound really appealing, and a great photography opportunity. Great picks!

  7. This is a great list. Camber sands sounds lovely, I’ll have to add them to my bucket list this summer x

  8. I always forget that you’re a Kent girl as well. Great choices here lovely, there is so much available for families in the area, it really is a great place to live as well as visit. xx

  9. I have never been to Kent but seems like there are lots to do there. The camber sands looks like an amazing place to visit

  10. There is so much to do in Kent. We live in London, but have never visited Kent. We should definitely change that and visit Kent soon! 🙂

  11. We live in Kent (and always have) and I haven’t even been to some of those places! We went to howletts zoo on Friday, it’s fantastic and well worth a visit. I love living here xx

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