Building A Nursery On A Budget: How To Make The Most Of Your Money & Space

The due date is looming and high on your list of priorities is getting the nursery sorted. The last thing you want is to be painting the room with one hand whilst you rock your newborn with the other.  

This room was no doubt used to store all the junk you didn’t know what else to do with, and after spending several days decluttering and cleaning, you now have a blank canvas to start creating a nursery.

But, whilst time isn’t on your side, neither is space or money – unlike Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who not only have a nursery for their baby but replicate it everywhere they go, you are building a nursery for your baby purely in your own home, on a budget.

How to make the most of your money

To make the most of your money, first you should make a list of what you need – start with the essentials and then move onto what you would like to get. It is easy to get carried away when buying for your first child, but having a baby is incredibly expensive. Did you know that the first year could cost you as much as £7,200 or as little as £1600? This Baby Costs Calculator from the Money Advice Service will help you to budget and work out how much you can afford to spend on each item.

Once you have a budget and a list of what you need, there are things you can do to save yourself a significant amount of money and make the most of the cash you do have!

  • Can you (or anyone you know) build anything for your nursery? A homemade cot would be more meaningful (and cheaper!) than a shop bought one.
  • Buy as much as you can second hand. You only want the best for your baby, of course, but there is nothing wrong with a used piece of furniture! You could save you up to 50% of the retail price – if not more.
  • Is there anything that you could borrow? If your friends have already had babies, they will probably be pleased to see the items that are just sat in a cupboard, being put to good use. You can always give it back when you have finished.

 How to make the most of your space

You will probably have cleared a huge amount out of this room in order to make space for your baby! But what are you going to do with all this clutter? You could sell some of it to make some pennies to put towards the baby! But, what if you don’t want to sell it? Then consider keeping it safe in a storage unit – such as this one in Poole – that way you can remove a large amount in one go and get it back when you need it!

Secondly, you need to make the most of the space you have left. Whilst you are planning how much money you are going to spend, you also want to plan out the room. Draw a floorplan and take measurements, so you can work out exactly where everything will go. That way you won’t waste a huge chunk of your budget on a changing table that simply will not fit.

 To make the most of the space you may also want to opt for items that make the room appear larger as well as those that come with built in storage so you can keep the space you do have tidy and organised.  

 See, you have more space and money for your little bundle of joy than you first thought – have fun with it!


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  1. What great ideas you have come up with.

  2. I love IKEA for cute things that you can make into something, like a changing table…I called my budget nursery a minimalist nursery here Good post x

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