Bumbo Floor Seat & Play Tray Review

One of our staple items for P2 when she was a baby was the Bumbo. It was also around the time when there was a uge media frenzy about them being so unsafe. Well we’ve been sent the new Bumbo Floor Seat & Play Tray to try out with P3 a little later in her development than I would have liked.


The new Bumbo has integrated safety harness which our previous version did not have. The straps are soft and easy to adjust. This one also comes with a lovely little play tray. The Bumbo is designed to promote a correct sitting position for baby who is not yet sitting but has good head control. This allows your baby to interact with the world a little easier than by laying on the floor.

Like I said earlier, P3 has actually been sitting up for a while now but she does still fall flat on her face occasionally whilst I’m busy being a mum of three doing the washing up, making dinners and clearing up. Having the Bumbo has really made me feel at ease. I especially love that I can now strap her in as I remember P2 arching her back when she’d had enough and nearly falling backwards.

P3 loves being a part of her big sisters play time. I can see how eager she is to reach them and join in with the fun. By sitting in the Bumbo she has been able to interact safely with them and P2 enjoys using the play tray with her. A great bonding moment. I have struggled with the play tray in all honesty but after reading other reviews myself, I think we must be doing something wrong. It’s in two pieces and it really seems to come apart easily, maybe we haven’t clicked it into place correctly?! I also don’t like that you have to lift the front of the floor seat slightly to be able to get the play tray on securely.

I do love the Bumbo. Although slightly overpriced at £36.99, it has allowed P3 to be part of the action. It has helped to improve her sitting strength too.

bumbo play


Value for Money

An excellent necessary parenting item for baby. A simple effective design.

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    It’s a shame about the price really.

    Lizzie Dripping

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