Trying Bunlimited Hot Dogs – The Last Of The Summer

This last bout of summer has been extremely welcome. I am not a cold kind of person and would much rather lay outside in the sunshine all afternoon.

We’ve had the perfect bundle of ingredients in our cupboards for a while and Sunday afternoon seemed like the perfect opportunity to put them together and have an easy Sunday in the garden.

Bunlimited kindly sent us their range to try out and see what we thought. If I’m totally honest, I wasn’t expecting much. I mean they are microwaveable hot dogs after all.

As part of the bundle, we were given the Bunlimited Classic Hot Dogs, Spicy Mexican Hot Dogs, Crispy Onions, Honey Mustard Sauce and the Bunlimited Chipotle Sauce.

The hot dogs themselves are very easy to prepare. You simply remove the packaging and microwave for 2 minutes. Of course, there are probably many elaborate ways to dress up and serve your hot dogs. We opted for a classic and simple hot dog. Our daughters are sometimes quite fussy, so easy is better in most cases when it comes to mealtimes for us.

The Bunlimited Hot Dogs have a high meat percentage, they taste more authentic and less like canned hot dogs. A big win! 


Hubby, Freya and I were the most adventurous with our hot dogs, teaming them with a bun, the crispy onions and a generous amount of the Bunlimited Chipotle Sauce. I’ve never tried a chipotle sauce and have been won over with the Bunlimited option.

Our daughters delved into the Classic Hot Dog flavour whereas Hubby and I had the Spicy Mexican versions. I was a little concerned that they would be too spicy for me, I like spice but I also like to be able to feel my tongue whilst eating. Thankfully and quite surprisingly to me, they were the nicest tasting hot dogs I’ve ever had!

It was silent whilst we ate our hot dog picnic. All of us thoroughly enjoyed them, including Elsa who is the fussiest eater but biggest lover of sausage foods. I’ve been pleasantly blown away by Bunlimited.

Our meal took only a few minutes to prepare, so these would make a perfect after school snack or a picnic treat too. You can purchase the Bunlimited hot dogs and other products in most big supermarkets.

Disclosure: These products were gifted to us.

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