“By 10pm her temp had rocketed to between 40-41.4c”

We’re half way through the first week of school Easter holidays. Just before they started I said I was determined to do stuff because last time we were all sick and I was even more focused on keeping everyone healthy.

Well, so far, Monday we went to an ante-natal clinic which can’t have been much fun for the girls. Tuesday, P1 had a friend round from her old school then my MiL popped round. Yesterday was a good day for P1 but for P2 it was a different story.20140409-084618 pm.jpgIt started with P2 being rather miserable and clingy. She was off her food which is always a clear indication that she’s not herself. By about 2pm her temperature was varying between 38-39c and she didn’t move from the sofa. She hadn’t been sick, no rash and no upset tummy, just the temperature and sleepiness. P2 also had dribble by the bucket full.

By 10pm her temp had rocketed to between 40-41.4c and I began to get quite concerned. Luckily, her 9:30pm calpol dose dropped it a little but I spent every hour of the night yoyo-Ing tending to her cries, giving her fluid and replacing the light blanket she had over her naked (bar the nappy) body.

By 6am her temperature returned to normal and when she woke at 9 she was full of life and quite happy. So we continued our plans and visited family over in Essex.20140409-084546 pm.jpgAgain, by 2pm P2 became miserable, off her food and her temperature was 37.8. Although, she kept playing and toddling around unlike yesterday, she just wasn’t herself.

I’m hoping tonight her temp will stay down and I’ll be able to get some sleep as I’m feeling utterly exhausted, and in agony from riding P1s bike as a joke and therefore damaging my bum bone!!!DONATE TO BLISS
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