Caesarean Awareness Month

It’s Caesarean awareness month according to the NHS Twitter account.

I’m going to hold my hands right up in the air and say that I’ve always thought of planned c-sections as the easy way out – too posh to push. And emergency sections being a good thing because you don’t get the pain of pushing a baby out of your lady bits.

When I had P2 I was able to happily keep my curtain open on the hospital ward and watch the other new mums and their babies – there was only three of us and I was the only one who had a normal vaginal delivery.

This gave me opportunity to watch their first day/s of recovery. It looks painful! I’m sure that the after pains and discomforts I was experiencing were like a walk in the park compared to what those two women were going through. I watched them waddle, slowly, hunched over back and forth to the toilet throughout the day. I watched them struggle to comfortably get in and out of bed. Most of all they needed assistance with holding their precious newborn, feeding their newborn and it took some time to be in a position to comfort their little cries without help.

It must be terrifying to be told that after hours of labour that actually you need to be drugged up and taken to theatre to have your belly cut right open and a baby pulled out. Let’s be honest, they only plan c-sections if there’s something wrong with you or baby – that’s scary! It’s not a natural process and must make many women feel like they’ve failed their journey into motherhood.

My hat goes off to every woman that has been through a c-section; emergency or planned. I had no right to previously judge you. Childbirth is childbirth, whether you give birth naturally or have help. The two are very different but equally as beautiful because they both end with the same result – a gorgeous new baby.

I would absolutely love to hear from the women who have had a Caesarean section; the emotions you felt/the recovery process/everything?

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