How My Camera Has Changed The Way I Blog

I have been blogging for very nearly four years. When I think about what my life was like and just how far not only have I, but my family, come since I began my blog is just incredible. I have had so many opportunities that have changed me and shaped me. So much has changed since I first dipped my toes into the blogging world. My writing style and my photography has improved, I hope.  


For my birthday back in September I was gifted a brand new camera. I had been wanting to get a camera specifically for vlogging as I felt my iPhone just wasn’t cutting it for quality. Although my YouTube Channel is rather small in the scheme of things, I have grown to thoroughly enjoy creating video memories of our day to day life.

The Canon G7X Mark II has literally changed my blogging life and my personal life. I no longer have to worry about walking into a crowded place on a blogging assignment with a ginormous camera in tow and I don’t feel so outrageous when I take photos in our local parks. Although my Nikon D7000 was absolutely amazing for photographing my girls, it was becoming unpractical for my busy life.


For the past two months I have been taking my new little Canon G7X Mark II with me absolutely everywhere. In fact it fits quite nicely into my coat pocket which means I can whip it out wherever I want and capture my girls in action. For the first few days I was just capturing video but then I started taking photos too. Although the quality isn’t as crisp as my various different lenses that I had for the Nikon D7000, it is bloody close in comparison.

I can’t remember the last time that I used my phone to capture photos. My new camera has the ability to become it’s own WiFi hot spot which means I can instantly download the photos from my camera to my phone and then upload to various social media wherever I am. Can you tell I just love it? It has changed the way I work with my blog too and I feel much more confident to vlog in public and take photos in public too.


I captured these photos on a very spontaneous trip to a park after we’d been to a little toy shop. I had no intentions to use my camera and wanted to be in the moment. But the pretty colours of the fallen leaves was too much of a temptation to miss. I love that we have such a simple experience documented in video and just wish this sort of technology was available during my own childhood because the girls really enjoy watching our videos back.

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  1. My hubby gifted me with a camera a few years ago and I am still using it now. It’s a Sony and it’s just like a DSLR camera. I would never change it. I just need to start using it more.

  2. Looks great. My canon is quite bulky so I’m idly thinking of something a bit more portable. Will make a note of this one 🙂

  3. I making note of this camera as I’m hoping to get a new one ASAP x

  4. Steph (@steph_baybee)

    I have the mark 1 version and I love it, I have only just started using the wifi on mine though and taking it out with me more. Makes such a difference to the pictures.

  5. I will have to make a note of this camera. I have a canon dlsr but tend to use my iphone as it’s less bulky.

  6. I have the mark1 and love it but have been considering upgrading to the mark2. These photos look great xx

  7. It is lovely having everything documented isn’t it? i am terrible for constantly thinking ‘oh that would look good on the blog,’ though.

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