What can you not bare to leave behind when holidaying in the UK?

Planning a holiday can be extremely stressful, add children to it and you can end up wondering if going on holiday is really worth all the stress! I couldn’t think of anything worse than going abroad with three young children and my hubby would need a lot of persuading. However, traveling within the UK doesn’t need so much persuasion and not just because it’s much cheaper.

When holidaying in the UK you are not limited by a luggage allowance. You don’t have to worry about spending a good fifteen minutes with the kids sitting on top of the case whilst you battle to fasten the zip up, only then to remember you haven’t packed the Calpol and having to release the case and start all over again. Checking, double checking, triple checking you haven’t exceeded the weight limit.

I’m known for packing far too much when holidaying in the UK. Purely because I can. It started when I was a child going for sleepovers round my friends. I’d turn up with several bags, my pillow and a “few” of my favourite toys. The parents of my friends were left wondering just how long they’d agreed to.

I am one of the 20 bloggers holidaycottages.co.uk chosen to take part in a must-haves competition so I’ve put together my personal list of things I always pack when traveling within the UK with my children.

My Pillows – I’m not as bad these days, but I will always put my pillows into the car pretending they’re for the journey and then sneak them into our accommodation.

Toys – Bedtime favourites (my eldest sleeps with millions of cuddlies), story books, things that keep them occupied, travel toys and colouring pens with paper.


Clothes – Obviously when you go on holiday you will need to take clothes with you. But I will take pretty much my whole wardrobe, just in case. And I’m the same when it comes to the children so we have to have one bag each. Plus shoes… I’ll pack my trainers, my heels, my boots and wellies, oh and flip flops. You just never know…

The Moses Basket – All three of my girls enjoyed their day time naps in their Moses baskets so it always came away with us.


The Medicine Cabinet – Ok not the whole cabinet but certainly the majority of it. Calpol, plasters, teething gel, bandage, paracetamol, germolene, sudocrem and the thermometer. Yes, being in the UK I could quite easily buy these items but why should you when it’s sitting at home.

Pushchair – Nowadays we’ll be accompanied by a double stroller, which is quite big really. I love the fact you can take a pushchair with you on a UK holiday without worrying about damages or transport.


Phone, iPad and Chargers – Entertainment for both adults and children. You just never know.

My Children – I suppose this one should have been much higher on my list of things I’d take with me on a UK holiday. It’s so easy to take kids on holiday in the UK because there’s always something interesting nearby to do!


Steriliser – When the girls were of sterilising age, my steriliser came on holiday with us. I could faff about with boiled water etc but when you have the space there’s nothing stopping you taking it.

The Bouncer – This comes in handy for getting ready in the mornings so I wouldn’t want to struggle without it on holiday.


The most hilarious thing is my hubby only packs a rucksack worth of bits that includes his toothbrush, boxers, socks and clothes. So as you can imagine we have a pretty large car. It has to be to accommodate two adults, three children and my extensive UK travel must-haves!

What can you not bare to leave behind when going on holiday?

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