Car Crash Trauma

I travelled to Kiddicare yesterday again to get P1 a new carseat. On the way there I noticed a pretty serious accident on the opposite side. All the emergency services, quite a few mashed up cars and a huge pile of traffic building up behind.

As I drove past I felt a shiver down my body. A rush of emotions went over me. I’m so lucky. My family are far from the healthiest but they are alive and that in its self is a lot to be thankful for.

I had two choices for the journey home and there had been a previous accident that meant my other option would be crammed with traffic too. So I just decided to join the A13 and battled the traffic which was now as far back as Kiddicare.

I crawled along at under 5mph for two hours until eventually the accident had been cleared up and everyone was able to pick up speed again. P2 slept the whole journey even though I knew she was due a feed in that time and P1 was awake chatting and perfectly happy. Sometimes, just sometimes, P1 is the perfect child.

Families had their lives changed yesterday; relatives were injured and I think someone lost their life too, they have cars to repair or new ones to find. Everyone using the A13 were stuck for hours in traffic most likely making them late for life. I’m just truly thankful that my family are safe.

Life is too short.

Here are the photos from our kiddicare trip though, we used the breast feeding area for the first time:

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