Carlyon Bay Beach Visit

It’s been a long time since I went to the beach. It used to be quite easy to get to our local one back in Essex and there was plenty to do like arcades and even a little theme park. It was a relatively nice place to visit but I never actually did very often. I’ve seen so many beautiful photographs of kids on the beach even during the winter and I felt jealous. So on our recent holiday to Cornwall, we finally made our visit.


It was actually P3s first time on the beach. She’s been in sandpits so sand isn’t exactly unknown to her but being on a beach with the violent sea surrounding you is definitely a different situation. I could tell that she was in complete awe, she babbled away as we approached the sea but wouldn’t go near.


The beautiful beach shots I wanted to get of all three wandering hand in hand along the shoreline just didn’t happen. We had P1 in another direction with my BiL, P2 exploring the seaweed with her Grandad and P3 sitting on the beach feeling the sand between her fingers. I climbed up onto the giant rock like a big kid and enjoyed watching the girls play freely in nature.


We hadn’t planned this beach visit. It was a last minute decision just before we left the Eden Project and Carlyon Bay was about 10 minutes away. In fact we didn’t even go to the proper bay I don’t think after looking on the maps today, this little bit of beach is a privately owned one attached to the Golf Club which is probably why it was near enough deserted. We didn’t stay long as it was a little windy and chilly but I’m so glad we went. For some reason it was important for me to go to the beach during our holiday.

What’s your favourite beach to visit in the UK?

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  1. Gorgeous photos Hun. Kids love the beach don’t they. I live in Essex and around 40 mins from the beach so often visit with lamb xx

  2. Taking one of your little ones to the beach for the first time is a great milestone, isn’t it? Beautiful pics lovely x

  3. Such beautiful photos! It looks like a lovely place to visit

  4. Beautiful photographs! I used to live in Cornwall and I miss it so much. Being close to the see is so calming and fun at the same time. I’m in London now so it’s a bit of a hassle to get to the seaside but we still do it because the kids need the beach in their life!

  5. Blogging Mummy

    Beach day is one of my fav days out summer or winter. We always used to go to Skegness on new years day. It was like a little tradition in our family. Hubby hates the beach though 🙁 boo

  6. I love going to the beach, abroad or in the UK. The last one we visited was in Pembrokeshire – so beautiful there!

  7. I wish we lived closer to the beach. My favorite beach is in Hayle in Cornwall, we had lot of fun there a few years ago.

  8. You got some fabulous shots. We havnt taken Rosalie to a beach in so long. We need to go as I think she’d love it now xx

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