Non-Contact Thermometer – Review 3

When I was pregnant with P1 I always went to The Baby Show – I went to both the London ones and absolutely loved it. This pregnancy I dragged my OH and P1 to London to spend some monies. It definitely didn’t fail once again although my OH looked pretty fed up with being bombarded with information on babies by …

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Shrinkles – Review 2

My mum bought P1 something I’ve never heard of: Shrinkles for £8.49 yesterday. P1 spotted the bag within seconds of my mum walking through the door. Beady eyes.   It’s basically special plastic paper that shrinks in the oven. P1 loves colouring so she was very excited to get started. You colour, you cut out, you put on foil, put …

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I’m Casually Munching Coins – Review 1

My body always seems to have a problem with iron. For as long as I can remember I’ve been anaemic. Add pregnancy to the mix and I have a problem. At first they gave me iron tablets to take. Anyone who takes iron tablets know that they don’t tend to play nice with your bowels. Gross! So they suggested taking …

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