Siblings Project

Siblings February 2015

It’s only the second month of our Siblings journey and I’m already struggling to find positions to get the girls in together. I’ve heard the saying “never work with children or animals” and my goodness it’s so true! We’ve recently changed their bedroom slightly, giving them space to play and move around. Removing the wardrobe seems to have made things …

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Siblings January 2015

In 2014 I had intentions to join in with as many photo projects that I could. There’s quite a few in the blogging world. I wanted it to help me document our life which was the reason for my blog. It didn’t quite work out as I planned and soon enough we found out we were expecting again. I then …

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Sibling Adjustments

When I was pregnant we had many conversations about having a new baby with both P1 and P2. Obviously P2 had no idea what we were talking about apart from the fact we kept pointing to my belly and saying there was a baby in there. We never had any worries about P1 adjusting, she had a struggle when P2 …

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