Celebrating Birthday & Wedding Anniversary

Birthdays have never been overly exciting for me. I don’t know why it’s just always seemed like any other day. Last year was my wedding and my birthday sorta got pushed to the side, out of choice, and forgotten in the motion of wedding celebrations. This year has been the first year I can truly remember that’s just been fantastic. It’s also our first wedding anniversary so it was going to be interesting how the day panned out. It couldn’t be all about me!

We exchanged our gifts last night as hubby said we had a busy day today which he wasn’t wrong. Hubby was ultra thoughtful with his presents. He went and bought all my favourite snack foods. I’m going to be extremely fat by the end of it!!


In my bleary eyed state at just before 7am I heard a little voice saying “sssshhh quick follow me P2” and then the door of the girls bedroom being closed. It was P1, she’d clearly come into the bedroom and saw that we were still asleep and quickly hurried her sister out. I rested, listening to them playing and keeping my ear out for any squabbles that would force me out of bed. Then there was another little voice saying “daddy” from P2. Hubby heard this and promptly got out of bed. In my head I thought “Yes!!! A lay in!” So I closed my eyes and tried to drift off. All of a sudden I had P2 plonked on the bed along with loads of balloons and silly string being sprayed at me. Hubby and P1 singing happy birthday. It was surprisingly lovely.

We all got up and ready to leave the house to go out somewhere secretive. At first I thought we may just be heading for a soft play centre but he arrived at a local diner. I was being treated to breakfast. As we walked in and were taken to our seats, I saw my MiL, her partner and hubby’s little brother sitting at a table that was covered in balloons and banners. It was such a wonderful surprise. We ate our breakfast together and I was given my gifts. A gift voucher to get myself some new makeup that I’ve wanted for ages and the best gift of all, the “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt” book with CD, it won’t mean anything to anyone else but I’ve wanted my own copy of this book for a very long time and clearly my MiL has listened to me so well. There was even a cake to blow the candles out.


Then my MiL had the girls all afternoon whilst hubby and I enjoyed some alone time. We looked in some shops and hubby bought me some new black leggings. We then headed off to celebrate our anniversary by going to the cinema to see The Equaliser.


I’ve had a pretty awesome day. The best birthday ever to be honest. I was surrounded by those who really love and care for me. I’m a very lucky girl.

This past year has been totally crazy. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing husband by my side and taking the journey of life together. He’s been my absolute rock. Yesterday, I slaved away in the kitchen to create some mini Victoria Sponge cakes topped with his favourite chocolates and biscuits. I hadn’t wanted to plan too much in case I went into labour or had already had the baby. I hope he liked them.


Here’s to the next year and beyond!!

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  1. Aw, looks like you were spoilt rotten – and rightly so! Happy birthday/anniversary!
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