Center Parcs & Tots100 January Challenge

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Center Parcs three times. P1 has been twice. I fell in love with the place when I visited Elveden in December 2008. I was pregnant with P1 at the time. It was so pretty with all the Christmas decorations.20140120-094846 am.jpgBloggers have been asked to describe their perfect day at Center Parcs, I watched the new short clip called Adventure With Little Ones and got some inspiration from it. My perfect Center Parcs day would start by waking up to the sound of birds. I’d open the curtains letting the sunlight fill the room, being able to see the squirrels jumping from branch to branch of the trees that sway gently in the breeze.

We’d all get out of our onesies and head to the village square for some breakfast. Smiling at all the other holiday makers as we watch P1 ride her bike and P2 pushed in her trike. We’d all order a full English fry up because after all we are on holiday!20140120-100300 am.jpg20140120-100440 am.jpgWe’d then head down to the Pottery Painting Studio to paint a keepsake plate. P1 really loves getting creative so we’d definitely spend a lot of time there. If we are brave enough we’d let P2 get messy too.20140120-101326 am.jpgBy now our ginormous breakfast would have gone down so we could go and play some badminton or tennis. P2 would be toddling so she could have a go and we’d play as a family. Whoever wins can pick what we have for lunch.20140120-102717 am.jpg

20140120-102723 am.jpgObviously, I’d win because I’m fantastic at badminton and I’d be teamed with P1 who’s equally as good. We’d pick the Pancake House. As we enter we can smell warm pancakes, there’s noise of adults chatting and children squealing with excitement. P1 points at the buffet style restaurant. She wants pancakes with nuggets and beans. Hubby has pancakes with chilli. P2 has pancakes with a bit of everything and I copy P1, being the fussy eater I am.20140120-102129 am.jpg20140120-102135 am.jpgOur tummies are full to the brim so we’d take a gentle walk back through the forest to our accommodation to pick up our swimming costumes and towels. Then we’d head back to the village to have a family game of bowling.

This would be the very first time that P2 has been bowling. Her big sister would help her push the ball down the ramp. Hubby is quite competitive when it comes to bowling so no doubt he’s win and P1 would be annoyed. We’d be naughty and drink slush puppies.20140120-103539 am.jpgBy now P1 would be hyper and excited to go swimming. She loves the wave machine and the slides. Hubby and I would take it in turns to ride the rapids. Hubby thinks that’s the best part of Center Parcs but I love the rapids.

The sun would be low and dipping behind the trees. As if we hadn’t eaten enough that day, we’d head to the Grand Cafe for a Roast Dinner. The girls would be getting tired now. So we would let P1 hitch a ride on P2s pram on the walk back to our home for the weekend. The stars would be shining brightly above us and the moon would peek through the trees.20140120-105101 am.jpgBy now the girls would be stroppy from being over tired. We’d bath them and wrap them up in their onesies. Hubby would like the fire and we’d sit snuggled up as a family and talk about the day. What our favourite parts were and what we’d like to do tomorrow. With no surprise P1 would ask to visit Longleat Safari Park. We’d read a story and tuck the girls up to bed.20140120-105924 am.jpgThen it would be time for hubby and I to open a bottle of wine and relax by the warmth of the fire. Recuperating our aching, tired bodies ready for another day of nature, activities and family.

My family. And our time. Time we don’t get very often to just relax and escape. If we were lucky enough to be chosen to win the January challenge I’d love to be able to take my 82 year old Grandad with us. He absolutely loves walking, nature and has never been to Center Parcs. After the loss of my Nan I’ve been wanting to spend a lot of time with him and show him new things.

(Photos were sourced from my Center Parcs Holiday in March 2012. This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 January challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Longleat Center Parcs)

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