Challenge Day#1

After writing a post about how low I have got with P1s behaviour (roarrrrrrr) a fellow blogger introduced me to 365 Day Challenge with The Orange Rhino. This is a challenge where you have to not yell (unless when your child is running across the road etc) for 365 Days, if you break it, you go back to day zero, or even minus days! Click here to see The Orange Rhino Yelling Meter

The Rules:

  1. My voice has to remain in Levels 0-4 (the nice tone voices!)
  2. In case of Emergency (kid running off in parking lot, kid running into street, hot stove etc…) I can use a voice in level 6 but it has to be yelling “to” the kid not “at” the kid. When you yell at someone, it’s mean. When you yell “to” someone it’s to get their attention. Said voice MUST be followed by firm voice in level 3 or below otherwise it’s no good.
  3. This one is the kicker. If Level 7 is ever used, I am set back not to 0, but by two days. This level is unacceptable as it is extra demeaning and hurtfulI’m up for the challenge and I’m pretty certain that if I yell less, P1 will hopefully listen and respect me more. During my journey I will post honestly and openly about my progress, or lack of progress. I’m really expecting this to be hard as I do shout pretty much all the time.

    Day 1

    8:30AM – P1 pretty much jumps on top of P2 despite my warnings to be careful as she climbed on to the bed. I raise my voice to a level 3. P1 rolls her eyes and huffs, then climbs off the bed.

    8:45AM – P1 refuses to go to the toilet which happens every time she is asked. I get down to her level, remind her that if she doesn’t go for a wee then she’ll have to go on the naughty step. Calm normal voice at level 2.

    9:00AM – I have to repeat myself several times that we are not doing art today as we are going to nursery soon and it is also not art day (Fridays) Feel my blood bubbling inside but manage to keep a calm voice at level 2 because she’s outside the bathroom.

    10:00AM – P1 goes happily into nursery, walks lovely by my side and therefore the morning is completed with no hiccups.

    3:30PM – Pick P1 up from nursery to find that she’s had a wee accident. Raise my voice to level 3 as she knows this is something I do not accept anymore.

    4:30PM – Had a lovely time at Clay Cottage with P1, went to level 2 as she kept stabbing my expensive paintbrushes onto the kitchen roll after washing them.

    7:00PM – Raised voice to a level 4 because after several attempts to get P1 to go to the toilet at my Grandparents she then wet herself again! Doubled with my headache from hell I couldn’t cope too well. Although I haven’t yet burst completely!

    8:00PM – P1 goes to bed nicely, no story as she’s had a few accidents. Calls for us once but then settles.

    I think I’ve done quite well today, I going to shout at situations but managed to think and stop myself. Very proud!

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