Challenge Day#2

7:30AM – Ask P1 to get dressed using a very cheerful happy, excited level 0 voice in the hope that my happiness will have a positive reaction with her. It does the trick and she laughs happily as she goes to the toilet and lets me dress her.

7:40AM – P1 happily eats her Rice Krispies without any fuss.

8:00AM – I wave my OH and P1 out the door. Morning completed with no raised voices or tantrums!

7:00PM – OH and P1 arrive. She’s had a good day and is happy.

7:25PM – Have to ask P1 several times to go to the toilet and ready for bed. Raise to a level 2 which works.

7:45PM – P1 happily in bed after a chapter of “The Witches” by Roald Dahl was read. Had a great evening and sailed through it.

Day 2 complete.

Dreading tomorrow. That’ll be the real test, although we do have to nip out for her Physio at midday. Fridays are home days and they always start and end with shouting.

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