Challenge Day#3

10:30AM – Have to raise my voice to level 3, P1 has wet herself for the third day in a row and I’m not pleased! She isn’t a baby anymore and has been toilet trained for over a year now.

12:00PM – P1 starts to walk away from the car and into the car park, luckily no cars but I raise my voice to a level 3 to stop her. She needs to learn.

2:00PM – P1 completely ignores my request to stop banging on the wall right near a sleeping P2, so my voice get’s raised to a level 2, she finally stops as P2 wakes up.

I luckily didn’t have to raise my voice at P1 for the rest of the day! And my OH and I went out for couple time (for another post) this evening so didn’t have to deal with any tantrums either.

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