Challenge Day#5

Today was a bad day for yelling. It started off amazing! She was so good getting dressed, we were all laughing and dancing about.

Then we went round the MiLs and it just went downhill from there. P1 finds it hard to communicate properly with her younger Uncle. He’s nearly 3. One minute they’ll be playing beautifully, the next Uncle G is crying and P1 ends up on the naughty step.

Today, the weather was lovely so the kids went in the garden and in the sandpit … yup you’ve guessed it. Sand was flicked, kids were warned. Then completely unlike P1, she started throwing sand at Uncle G. I saw her, realised, ran, shouted, screamed, naughty step. Definitely a level 7 moment.

I felt hatred, anger and frustration with her!! She’s never done anything so naughty towards another child ever. I swear she’s just getting worse.

Later on in the day she spoke very rudely to Nannie T. I’m so desperate for answers to her behaviour. I just want my polite, well behaved little girl back!

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  1. Oh dear, it’s so tough when you have days like this and you feel all you’ve done is yell at them and you wish it could be different but then if they’re being naughty, you have to discipline them and show them right from wrong 🙁 Just try to think, tomorrow is another day, start afresh and keep thinking that this is just a phase and before you know it, she’ll be her usual polite and well-behaved self again no doubt xx

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