How to Find Cheap Deals at Restaurants

Whether you’re visiting London, Manchester, Glasgow or Cardiff, the UK is home to a thriving food scene that incorporates cuisines from all around the world. Even if you’re operating on a budget you can usually find some great deals and discounts to be had at one of the nation’s many dining establishments. With that said, here are four methods I use to find cheap deals at restaurants on an ongoing basis:

1. Refer to an Online Discount Site

I would have to say the most convenient way I’ve found to compare cheap deals at restaurants is to search through an online deal directory like dealzippy. Take a look at their site and you’ll see what I mean. You’re able to browse through hundreds of discount listings from restaurants, hotels, and bars throughout the UK. In addition, you can find discounts on sightseeing tours, fashion stores, and a variety of other shopping and entertainment services.

2. Read the Newspaper

If you see a newspaper while you’re out, be sure to pick one up and read the advertisements. This is a great way to find some of the lesser-known or newer spots that are just starting to advertise grand openings and promotional specials. These up and coming places not only offer great deals to get you in the door, they also usually give big servings to convince guests to choose them over the more established competitors the next time they’re hungry for that kind of food.

3. Search Google Maps

Another incredibly easy way to find a large selection of restaurants to compare is to simply search for the kind of cuisine you’re wanting followed by the phrase “in [city name].” For example,  searching for Italian food in London,” would return a list of Italian restaurants in the area, along with their mapped location and contact info. From there you can decide whether you want to browse the restaurant’s website or call them, although the latter will typically provide more accurate information about current specials and discounts.

4. Check the Hotel Lobby and Make Some Phone Calls

Check the lobby of the hotel you’re staying at and see if they have any pamphlets, business cards, flyers, or other advertisements for some of the local businesses. Many times nearby restaurants will arrange a deal with the hotel to provide discounts to their guests. If your hotel has no such deals and there are no ads to be found in the lobby, resort to the phonebook and start calling places the old-fashioned way to ask them about their current specials and deals.

Don’t Base Your Entire Decision on Price

Although the above tips can help you find some pretty incredible deals, there’s really no point in saving money only to eat something that you’re not going to truly enjoy. With that said, if you’re looking for a specific kind of cuisine, the best way to narrow your options would be to use the first tip listed above.


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