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When I was a child Christmas meant a time for Father Christmas to bring presents. On Christmas Eve we would set out the plate for him; a mince pie, some milk and a carrot for Rudolph. We’d then pretend to be asleep for as long as possible before our eyes forced it upon us. I remember waking up before it was even light outside to see what he had brought me. We’d have a very delicious Christmas dinner and then play with our toys and watch the grown ups snooze on the sofas. That was pretty much how my Christmas went every single year.

Now I am a grown up with my own children to create traditions for, Christmas feels so much more exciting. We still do the Christmas Eve traditions. We still have a yummy Christmas dinner usually round my MiLs these days. But being a grown up I can see just how commercialised the season of Christmas is these days. There are so many products out there to help make Christmas the most magical time of the year and you know what? I love it!! Two years ago I delved into the world of the Christmas Eve box which works quite well considering my eldest has her birthday on Christmas Eve so the other two can open a little something in the evenings too. But this year we are going to have a new tradition added to our little family.


I want to introduce you to our Cheeky Elf. The girls don’t know it yet, but she will be coming to stay with us during December and the lead up to Christmas Day. We haven’t quite finalised if she will be returning on Christmas Eve or if she’ll travel back with Father Christmas when he delivers everybody’s presents. Our Cheeky Elf is obviously completely real and comes as part of the Cheeky Elf Deluxe Starter Pack – Girl Christmas Elf which costs £27.99 or £30.98 if you add the Sleeping Bag. You can buy the Basic Starter pack which includes all the things listed below except the Suitcase and Jumper for £22.99. The Deluxe Starter Pack includes everything you need to begin a Christmas Elf Tradition; 

  • 20cm girl Christmas Elf toy
  • Elf passport
  • Letter from Santa
  • Colourful Christmas Journal to record memories and Elf antics and insert photos
  • 1 x Christmas behaviour chart with star stickers
  • 1 x Candy cane
  • Christmas Elf Report Card 
  • Parent pack with instructions and Elf ideas
  • Gift box 
  • Elf Mini Suitcase
  • Elf Christmas Jumper


The idea of the Cheeky Elf is that she will come and stay on the 1st December each year. She can arrive through the post or a magical Elf Door could appear overnight which can be bought separately. When everybody is asleep at night she (or he – you can buy a boy version and a twin pack too) will come to life and get up to all sorts of fun or mischief. When your child wakes in the morning they have to find the Elf to see what she has got up to that night. In the night your Cheeky Elf will also report on your child’s behaviour to Father Christmas. Then on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day your child needs to leave their Elf out with her passport and the report card.

Inside the parent pack there are some really cute and fun ideas to help parents create funny Elf situations for the children. I am really looking forward to making an effort with these each evening and hopefully making our lead up to Christmas a little more interesting and exciting. I think this Elf is cuter than the other Elf tradition that is quite popular. She seems more friendly and is super cuddly and soft. There are loads of accessories to buy separately to the starter packs and I think they are really reasonably priced actually. There’s even a siblings pack to buy an extra behaviour chart which is such a good idea.


What are your Christmas traditions? Will you be taking part in a new Christmas Elf Tradition?

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Value For Money

Super cute

A fantastic tradition to add to your family. The Cheeky Elf is really soft and cuddly

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