Child Car Safety – The Law

This morning whilst scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed like I do every morning a photo caught my eye. I felt angry and upset. I was upset at the situation inside the picture and angry that this person thinks it’s ok to put it on Facebook showing clear neglect for their children. It was a photo showing two children of different ages, both under 5, sitting in a car, strapped with the seat belts but without a correct child seat.

It’s prompted me to write this post, sadly this person can’t be the only one out there who doesn’t understand that it’s law for a child to not be in a child car seat. It’s not just a law or a rule that can be broken, by not using a child car seat you are choosing to endanger your children!!

In the UK it is law that children must use a child car seat until they’re 12 years old or 135cm tall. Whichever comes first. This is why I know both those children are travelling dangerously because I am only 10cm above the height guide myself, and they’re certainly not 12!

There are a few exceptions to this rule which can be viewed here however in my opinion if my child isn’t safely strapped into a car seat then they shouldn’t be travelling. Accidents happen so easily and the thought of my precious daughters rattling around inside the car getting dangerously hurt or even killed whilst I’m quite secure is just sickening.

I hope this person sees this post. I hope others see this post. Child car safety is so important. Child Car Seat Laws by Country is a super helpful resource for finding out what the laws are depending on where you are travelling.


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  1. I can see why that photo made you cross. Not only are child seats the law, they’re there to protect precious children from injury or worse. Leigh -Headspace Perspective #weekendbloghop

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