Children And Pets

There’s so many articles and opinions on children and pets. I was brought up with a variety of animals – my mother was a veterinary nurse for over 15years, all of my childhood memories involve animals in some way of another. So my opinion is that it’s a good idea to introduce children to pets and animals at a young age.

Being around animals taught me to love, respect and enjoy many different animals. I was given new responsibilities. I had something to talk to and share my secrets with. I always had something to cuddle.

There was of course a downside to having pets. I learnt about death and about losing someone you love. To my young mind it was devastating! Although it helped with my emotional development.

Basically I’m saying that my opinion is that as long as your child is supervised – no harm should be caused. I’m not saying it will prevent being hurt by a pet because of course it won’t. Scratches happen and small nips happen from animals who feel vulnerable squished inside small arms.

P1 has been brought up with animals too – I’ve made sure she has! She knows to be gentle and she has no fears of animals because she hasn’t had a reason to be – she respects them. She even likes spiders!!! She used to climb inside the dog basket with our whippet and rest her head on his chest. P1 has been known to put our foster kittens inside drawers to “sleep in”.

I think it’s a great quality to not be scared of animals. But that is just my opinion, I don’t know any different, neither does P1 and it will be the same with P2.

You all know my opinion but I’d love to hear from you about your opinions on this topic?!

Here’s the latest addition to our household:

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  1. Victoria Jenkins (@Victoriaaa0)

    When we had Rio my FIL kept on about him being around our dog and it annoyed the he’ll out of me. I think it’s fine for them to grow up around them they learn how to look after things and unlike me as a child, not fear them. We have a Springer spaniel and a rabbit and Rio finds both fascinating. He comes with me to the horses too

  2. I was allowed to have a few pets as I was growing up. Once I was in a home of my own, I had many animals. I can’t imagine any child growing up without pets. It’s like animals and children are a perfect fit.

  3. Aww, the bunnies are precious, and very cute picture of P1 with them! I think it’s a wonderful idea to introduce kids to pets of all kinds – for the points you listed, and, of course, because it teaches us young to love and respect all life. They’re lessons to be applied in all areas of our lives, I think.

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