Children’s Bedroom Tour With Potwells

A few weeks ago we made the pretty big decision to move the bedrooms around so that all three girls were sharing. Yes, you probably think we’re mad considering two of three girls still do not sleep through the night. But actually things are going pretty well. Recently we were sent some storage solutions from Potwells and so I thought it would be a great opportunity to give you a sneak peak room tour.



The room they are sharing is a small double room. P1 sleeps in a high sleeper bed with P2s toddler bed underneath. Then P3 is also in a toddler bed on the other side of the room. The girls share all their toys. They have a pretty large collection of Blue Nose toys which are proudly displayed on their windowsill/radiator. 

They then have the Fox Storage Bin that contains all their small toys and pretend food. The quality of the bin is amazing and really thick, I’m also so surprised at just how much it can hold. To the right of the Fox Bin is the wicker basket which contains their bedtime books. 



They each have a separate place for their clothes. P1 has a tall chest of 3 drawers; top for underwear and pjs, middle for tops jumpers and dresses and the bottom drawer has her leggings and school uniform.

P2 has a drawer under her bed where her clothes are arranged from left to right, starting with underwear, pjs, tops, jumpers, leggings and dresses. And P3 has the same arrangement under her bed. 



Between P3s bed and the chest of drawers is the new Deer Laundry Hamper. Hubby was all excited that we finally had a designated laundry bin rather than the usual shopping bags we use, but I quickly gave this a much different purpose. It’s now a home for the girls dressing up clothes. It has fold down handles that allow you to put clothes on and then lift when you need to do the washing. Again this is made with such high quality.

On the other side of the room the girls have the rest of their toys. The large Poodle Storage Box has all their Barbie’s and dolls inside. I’m ashamed to say that this box is nearly full and perhaps we need to whittle it down a little bit. I think the box could do with a magnetic lid as it seems to always full inside but I’ve just tucked the lid behind to stop P3 climbing on top. The whole thing is lines and is so sturdy for a fabric toy box.



They also have a toy piano in this area, and a wicker basket with all their Little People toys. These are P3s favourites at the moment. You can buy the beautiful Potwells animal storage on Huggle or Dotty Hippo for fantastic prices and there’s other cute solutions too like a wall hanger and boxes!

Keeping the girls room tidy has been surprisingly easy now that they are all sharing together. They are sleeping much better too which of course is an awesome benefit. I love their new storage solutions especially as they make it feel like a proper children’s bedroom rather than just a blank space we have filled with toys and cardboard boxes.

How do you store your children’s toys?

Disclosure: The animal storage solutions were sent free of charge for the purpose of this review. However all images and content remain my own

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  1. Those baskets are adorable, I can’t believe how many soft toys they have – emily would be in heaven! x

  2. Emma | The Mini Mes and Me

    I’m so loving those eeeee! How cute are the deer and fox, gorgeous xx

  3. How cute is all this storage?! I’ve never heard of them before. We are about to redo my eldests room and make a playroom so I’ll definetly have a look at their website. At the moment her stuff is everywhere x

  4. Aw, that’s lovely they are sharing a room. I love the poodle storage box, really striking but fits in well with the rest of the room too. x

  5. Aw, that’s lovely the three of them are sharing a room. I love the poodle storage bin, really striking but fit in well with the rest of the room too. x

  6. Love the look of these storage bins, the designs are really cute. Also like the idea of the under bed clothes storage… organizing stuff logically so they can dress themselves is always a challenge 🙂

  7. Those baskets are so cute! Looks like they have a lovely bedroom 🙂

  8. not sure if my other comment wen through?

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