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Did you know that our skin is the largest organ of our body? Did you know that the hair on our head is there to act as a coolant and insulator but also to protect us from the sun’s UV rays? This week our skin has been enjoying lapping up some Vitamin D from the sun that has been shining ever so brightly in Kent. Our hair has been working over time to protect us from damage. I have been smothering the girls in sun lotion several times a day to protect their delicate skin from the harmful rays. We have been sweating too and so by the end of the day they are in a horrific state.

childs farm product

I was incredibly grateful to receive two new bottles of Childs Farm products to assist in our bath times. I usually bath/shower them twice a week as I worry about drying out their skin, but this week it is the opposite where I am concerned the sun is drying them out but also the fact they have been pretty stinky!

We were sent the Bubble Bath in Organic Tangerine “flavour” and the Hair & Body Wash in Blackberry & Organic Apple. The bubble bath has actually won several awards. I was interested to see the new Hair & Body Wash though as I have found some past flavours not quite strong enough in smell even though they work really great. This one was really smelly in a good way and lathered up really well!

I love that this product is eczema friendly and suitable for sensitive skin. P3 has suffered in the past with eczema flare ups and since then I have been quite conscious of the things I put on her skin. The Childs Farm products have never given us an issue which is really reassuring and I know that my MiL uses this range religiously on my BiL who also is an eczema sufferer.

The bottles are super easy to operate one handed too which is always helpful as I can find some brands pretty tricky. These were definitely made with parents in mind. I also love the cute little animated designs with real faces on the people, that’s a really lovely touch!

I can imagine it being quite a nice treat to wash off all the layers of sun cream, sand and dirty each day for my girls. They always come out smelling so delicious and their skin feels so soft too. The Childs Farm Hair and Body Wash comes in two different sizes, 250ml and 50ml, the smaller one is obviously a great travel companion for holidays or swimming and the Childs Farm Bubble Bath actually comes in three different sizes; 250ml, 100ml and 50ml. They cost around £3.99 and can be found in supermarkets, Boots, Superdrug and Amazon too.

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Deliciously delicate bath products for children.

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  1. BloggerMummyLauren

    I’ve heard some great things about Childs Farm. I’ll have to check them out.

  2. I’ve heard many great things about Childs Farm products, I will definitely have to give them a try! x

  3. I have to say Childs Farm is such a fantastic product and great for sensitive skin. xx

  4. I’ve never heard of this brand before but Evie has super sensitive skin. It sounds fab! I must get it to try x

  5. We absolutely love these products, so good for my little girls sensitive skin! The packaging is super fun too! Thanks for sharing x

  6. We like child’s farm here too. They are so cute and great for dry skin.

  7. I love these products – free from SLS is a winner with me!

  8. I haven’t heard of this before, but I think it’s great that there are so many kids products out there now for sensitive skin.

    • I know. I never had experience of sensitive skin until I met hubby. Now it’s important for me to find stuff that’s gentle.

  9. We’ve never used child’s farm before but love trying different brands. When we run out of what we have I’ll definitely check out child’s farm.

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