Childs Farm Bubble Bath and Hair Detangler Spray Review

I have to admit that bath times are certainly not my favourite time of the week, and when I say week I mean it. I couldn’t hack being a mum that baths daily. There just aren’t enough hands on my body and hours in the day. However, I’m pleased to announce that P2 has warmed up to water and is no longer a shrieking mess, until washing hair of course. Watching the girls play together in their paddling pool in the shower is wonderful.

I ran them a bath as usual on Sunday evening and decided to use our new Childs Farm bath products, some bubble bath and hair detangler.


P1 has very long hair. She’s only ever had one professional hair cut in her whole 6 years of life as I love her precious waves. However, they get extremely knotted and brushing her hair can be a nightmare at times. You have to apply the Childs Farm Hair Detangler to dry hair, (I’m not sure if this is a new thing as I remember having my hair wet when my mum used to spray it after swimming) and comb with a brush/wide tooth comb. It really does work too and we’ve had less tears around doing her hair than ever before. At at £4.75 it’s certainly worth buying.

The bubble bath is lovely too. It created a lovely amount of bubbles which, take this, lasted until the morning! (I know I should have emptied the paddling pool out after but sssh) I can honestly feel and smell a difference when the girls get out the shower. Their skin is silky smooth and soft. This product smells delicious, in fact they both do! I was close to jumping in the paddling pool with them. All of Childs Farm products have been dermatologist approved and are fantastic on sensitive skin and eczema prone skin too, which means they are fab for newborns and even adults! The bubble bath only costs £3.99!



Beautiful smelling and gentle to skin. Bath time products to liven up the experience for children.

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